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CQ: A simple location sharing app for Android. Released under the MIT license, and available on the Google Play Store.

CQ makes it easy to share your location with someone else, whether or not your smartphone has internet access. CQ automatically creates a message with a link to Google Maps showing your approximate location, which you can share by tapping 'Send SMS'.

Why use CQ?

  • CQ can work even if your phone doesn’t have internet. As long as your smartphone's GPS is turned on and has an unobstructed view of the sky, CQ can get your location co-ordinates and create a Google Maps link for you. The person who receives your SMS needs internet to open your link and see where you are, but you don't need internet to create the link.

  • CQ is super-simple. Your location is sent as a simple SMS containing a Google Maps link.

Even if your phone does have access to the internet, CQ is probably the fastest way for you to communicate your location to someone else!