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sublime text plugin for q dev and interaction with kdb
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q REPL for Sublime Text 3

Connect to remote q session and execute q statements in Sublime Text

  • Ctrl + Alt + q to add q connections and quickly switch between them
  • Ctrl + e or Ctrl + Enter to send highlighted block of text or the whole line
  • Ctrl + Shift + e or Ctrl + Shift + Enter to get the result in json format, similar to above (requires .j.j)
  • Syntax higlighing (based on kimtang's
  • shows rows, column, time, mem usage at status bar
  • auto complete


  • F1 open help at cursor
  • F2 print variable at cursor
  • F3 show type at cursor
  • F4 show table and columns
  • F5 show environments
  • shift + F5 show memory usage
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