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basic javascript typography tool
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Google Chrome extension to improve the typography when reading books on Besides improving readability on Project Gutenberg, this tool is helpful for people with sight issues. It can also be used by students whose textbooks are on HTML pages.

See a demo here:


As of now, it works best on and I plan to make it functional on other websites, because it can only change p tags on HTML pages. I’m adding a slider to change the font size, line width, and line height, since version 1 has only one size. I also plan to add a font kit so there are more fonts available. If you type in Comic Sans, it will revert to the browser default. There are a few other minor fixes I need to make before submitting it to the Chrome extension store. After that, I’ll adapt it to work on other browsers.

dev help

Once it’s cloned, you’ll need to navigate to chrome://extensions and turn on “DEVELOPER MODE” in the top right corner of that page. Then, click the “LOAD UNPACKED” button and select the extension directory. It should work now. If not, refresh the extension on the developer page, and refresh the page on which you want the extension to function. You’ll have to do that refresh process whenever you make changes to the code. For more information on developing Chrome extensions, read Google’s tutorial.

Let me know if you encounter any bugs or have any suggestions/feedbacks to improve it. Or just fork it.

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