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#ifndef __OGG_TO_PCM_H__
#define __OGG_TO_PCM_H__
#define GLOBAL
#define GLOBAL extern
/* OggDec
* This program is distributed under the GNU General Public License, version 2.
* A copy of this license is included with this source.
* Copyright 2002, Michael Smith <>
* This code was hacked off of the carcass of oggdec.c, from
* the vorbistools-1.2.0 package, and is copyrighted as above,
* with the modifications made by me,
* (c) Copyright Stephen M. Cameron, 2008,
* (and of course also released under the GNU General Public License, version 2.)
/* ogg_to_pcm() reads an ogg vorbis audio file, infile, and
* dumps the data into a big buffer, *pcmbuffer (which it
* allocates via malloc) and returns the number of samples
* in *nsamples, and the samplesize in *samplesize. and etc.
GLOBAL int ogg_to_pcm(char *infile, int16_t **pcmbuffer,
int *samplesize, int *sample_rate, int *nchannels,
uint64_t *nsamples);
#undef GLOBAL