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This is a small charting page using D3.js to show the historical league positions of football clubs in the English leagues over time.

The build/ directory contains a Rakefile with instructions on creating the data. A small amount of this needs to be hand-edited (mapping team names to team IDs, for instance, and collecting data for the last few seasons) but the majority comes from the wonderful RSSSF. To build, here's the process I used:

  1. in build, run rbenv install and bundle install;
  2. in build/, run bundle exec rake rsssf-seasons.json to pull the RSSSF data;
  3. add extra files in TSV format to build/manual/ (see Rakefile for details);
  4. run bundle exec rake add_tsvs[$dir];
  5. bundle exec rake list_teams > teams.txt and edit that file to be key=value;
  6. bundle exec rake list_tiers > tiers.txt, same again;
  7. bundle exec rake football-league-positions.json historical-league-positions.csv for the final files to go into ext/.

There's no particular reason for its existence, I just wanted to see the rises and falls of teams like Swansea and Southampton in a graphical form!