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Welcome to the titaniumifier, the build tool to author high quality Titanium SDK modules with all the power of npm.

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Titaniumifier is a tool which converts a CommonJS package into a Titanium SDK CommonJS module.

It does this by using a static analysis tool (browserify) to identify the dependency graph of your package and bundling it into a single zipfile, ready to be installed through Titanium Studio or gitTio.

  • A CommonJS package is a standard way of defining a distributable package. Its most known user is Node.js and its powerful repository, npm. The definition of the package resides in the package.json file in the root of the project.

    It can have multiple files and depend on other packages.

  • A Titanium SDK CommonJS module instead is just a zipfile with a manifest file which contains the metadata of the module and a <module id>.js file which is the actual module.

    It’s a single file architecture, with no dependency management.

Titaniumifier is a bridge between this two different architectures.