A Vagrant 1.1 plugin that supports the configuration and initiation of a MongoDb replica set.
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Vagrant MongoDb

vagrant-mongodb is a Vagrant 1.1 plugin that supports the configuration and initiation of a MongoDb replica set. The longer-term goal is to support various MongoDb administrative tasks.

The current implementation is a proof-of-concept supporting the larger objective of using Vagrant as a cloud management interface for development and production environments.

The plugin communicates with the replica set members over SSH using the mongo command.

The plugin has been tested with Vagrant 1.1.5 and a Ubuntu 12.04 guest.


Install the plugin following the typical Vagrant 1.1 procedure:

$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-mongodb


The MongoDb replica set must be configured within the project's Vagrantfile:

config.mongodb.auto_initiate = false

config.mongodb.replset :rs0 do |rs|
  rs.ignore_private_ip = false
  rs.member :server1, :priority => 1
  rs.member :server2, :priority => 2
  rs.member :server3, :priority => 1

The first argument to rs.member is the machine name defined within the configuration. The second argument is optional accepting a hash of options for the replica set member. These options are defined within MongoDb's [replica set configuration reference][1].

By default, the plugin will lookup and use a static IP address for a member machine if a private network is specified. To disable this, set the replica set attribute, ignore_private_ip, to false.

To disable the plugin hooks and initiate a replica set manually, set the auto_initiate attribute to false.

NOTE: The plugin does not support configuration defined within a multi-machine define block.


By default, the plugin hooks into the vagrant up and vagrant provision commands. It will detect when a replica set's members are available and and call initiate.

To manually initiate a replica set, invoke the following sub-command:

$ vagrant mongodb initiate db0 --provider <provider>

db0 is a machine defined within the Vagrantfile belonging to a replica set that will be initiated. The provider may be specified to initiate a replica set not backed by VirtualBox.


Contributions are welcome.

  1. Fork the project
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  3. Install project dependencies (bundle install)
  4. Confirm tests pass (bundle exec rake test)
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  6. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  7. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
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