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Java API for the extraction and management of MIAPE documents from standard proteomics data files


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The Java MIAPE API is an open source Java API designed for the extraction and management of MIAPE information from commonly used proteomics data files.

What is the MIAPE information?

The Java MIAPE API is designed in 4 different modules:

  • The model module: This module contains the classes needed to represent the MIAPE information of the different types of experiments. The interfaces (under package org.proteored.miapeapi.interfaces) MiapeGEDocument, MiapeGIDocument, MiapeMSDocumen and MiapeMSIDocument, define the MIAPE information for the Gel Electrophoresis(2), Gel Image Informatics(3), Mass Spectrometry(4) and Mass Spectrometry Informatics(5) MIAPE modules.
  • The factory module: This module provides the util classes for the creation of the MIAPE document objects.
  • The XML module: This module provides the methods for the extraction of the MIAPE information from commonly used proteomics data files (most of them XML), such as: mzIdentML, mzML, pepXML, PRIDE XML, DtaSelect txt, pepXML or XTandem XML.
  • The persistence model: This module provides the methods to be implemented by a persistence system, which will be able to persist the MIAPE information, on files, a database, etc...

About developers

This API was firstly designed by Emilio Salazar Do?ate and Salvador Martinez-Bartolome members of the ProteoRed Bioinformatics Working Group, under the supervision of Juan Pablo Albar, at the Proteomics Laboratory of the National Center for Biotechnology (CNB-CSIC) in Madrid, Spain. Later, the project was continued by Salvador Martinez-Bartolome under the supervision of John R. Yates III at the John Yates laboratory at The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California, USA.

How to get the API

Latest build available at:

Using MAVEN: Add this to your pom.xml:

   <name>John Yates lab Internal Repository</name>
   <name>John Yates lab snapshots maven repository</name>

Including this dependency:

   <version>1.9.6</version> <!-- or the latest version available -->

How to use the API

Example 1:

This example shows how a MIAPE MS document object (object module) is created using the factory module and then is exported to a XML file (XML module) and stored in a database (persistence module):

public class createMiape(PersistenceManager databaseManager, ControlVocabularyManager cvManager) {
	// project
	ProjectBuilder projectBuilder = MiapeDocumentFactory.createProjectBuilder("my project")
		.date(new MiapeDate(new Date()));

	// User (if needed for persistence, like a database)
	UserBuilder userBuilder = MiapeDocumentFactory.createUserBuilder("myUserName", "myPassword", databaseManager);

	// Spectrometer	
	SpectrometerBuilder spectrometerBuilder = (SpectrometerBuilder) MiapeMSDocumentFactory
   		.createSpectrometerBuilder(SpectrometerName.LTQ_ORBITRAP_XL_NAME).manufacturer("Thermo Scientific")
		.version("version XL").catalogNumber("#12345").model("The new Orbitrap XL");

	// Analyzer	
	AnalyserBuilder analyserBuilder = MiapeMSDocumentFactory.createAnalyserBuilder("orbitrap")
		.description("Description of the orbitrap");

	// Ion source
	EsiBuilder esiBuilder = MiapeMSDocumentFactory.createEsiBuilder("nano-ESI").parameters("xx Volts")
		.supplyType("regular supply");

	// Instrument Configuration (analiser + esi)
	InstrumentConfigurationBuilder instrumentConfigurationBuilder = MiapeMSDocumentFactory
		.createInstrumentConfigurationBuilder("LTQ configuration").analyser(

	// MIAPE MS document (user + miape project + spectrometer + instrument
	// configuration
	MiapeMSDocument miapeMS = (MiapeMSDocument) MiapeMSDocumentFactory
		.createMiapeMSDocumentBuilder(, "my first miape document",
		.dbManager(databaseManager) // needed for later use of .store()

	// Save MIAPE MS to XML file
	MiapeXmlFile<MiapeMSDocument> miapeMSXML = MiapeMSXmlFactory.getFactory().toXml(miapeMS, cvManager);
	try {
		System.out.println("New file created at :" + miapeMSXML.getPath());
	} catch (IOException e1) {

	// Store it in the database
	try {
		int identifier =;
		System.out.println("Document stored in the database with identifier " + identifier);
	} catch (MiapeDatabaseException | MiapeSecurityException e) {

Example 2:

This example shows how to extract the MIAPE information from commonly used proteomics data files:

public void extractMIAPEInformationFromFiles(ControlVocabularyManager cvManager)
			throws MiapeDatabaseException, MiapeSecurityException {
	File prideXMLFile = new File("path_to_pride_xml");
	File xtandemXMLFile = new File("path_to_xtandem_xml");
	File mzIdentMLFile = new File("path_to_mzIdentML");
	File mzMLFile = new File("path_to_mzML");
	File tsvFile = new File("path_to_tsv_xml");
	File dtaSelectFile = new File("path_to_dtaSelect_xml");

	MiapeFullPrideXMLFile miapeFullPride = new MiapeFullPrideXMLFile(prideXMLFile);
	// because all MIAPEs are under a project
	miapeFullPride.setProjectName("my project");
	MiapeMSDocument miapeMSFromPRIDEXML = miapeFullPride.toMiapeMS();
	MiapeMSIDocument miapeMSIromPRIDEXML = miapeFullPride.toMiapeMSI();
	MiapeXTandemFile miapeXTandemXMLFile = new MiapeXTandemFile(xtandemXMLFile);
	miapeXTandemXMLFile.setProjectName("my project");
	MiapeMSIDocument miapeMSIFromXTandem = miapeXTandemXMLFile.toDocument();

	MiapeMzIdentMLFile miapeMzIdentMLFile = new MiapeMzIdentMLFile(mzIdentMLFile);
	miapeMzIdentMLFile.setProjectName("my project");
	MiapeMSIDocument miapeMSIFromMzIdentML = miapeMzIdentMLFile.toDocument();

	// MZML
	MiapeMzMLFile miapeMzMLFile = new MiapeMzMLFile(mzMLFile);
	miapeMzMLFile.setProjectName("my project");
	MiapeMSDocument miapeMSFromMzML = miapeMzMLFile.toDocument();

	MiapeTSVFile miapeTSVFile = new MiapeTSVFile(tsvFile, TableTextFileSeparator.TAB);
	miapeTSVFile.setProjectName("my project");
	MiapeMSIDocument miapeMSIFromTSV = miapeTSVFile.toDocument();

	MiapeDTASelectFile miapeDTASelectFile = new MiapeDTASelectFile(dtaSelectFile);
	miapeDTASelectFile.setProjectName("my project");
	MiapeMSIDocument miapeMSIFromDTASelect = miapeDTASelectFile.toDocument();

Example 3:

This example show the printMiapeMS and printMiapeMSI methods called in the previous example, showing how the information contained in each document can be extracted and printed

private void printMiapeMSI(MiapeMSIDocument miapeMSI) {
	System.out.println("MIAPE MSI: ");
	System.out.println("Name: " + miapeMSI.getName());
	System.out.println("Total number of PSMs: " + miapeMSI.getIdentifiedPeptides().size());
	for (IdentifiedProteinSet proteinSet : miapeMSI.getIdentifiedProteinSets()) {
		InputParameter ip = proteinSet.getInputParameter();
		System.out.println("Input parameters: " + ip.getName());
		System.out.println("Search engine: " + ip.getSoftware().getName());
		System.out.println("Parent tolerance: " + ip.getPrecursorMassTolerance() + " " + ip.getPrecursorMassToleranceUnit());
		System.out.println("Fragment tolerance: " + ip.getFragmentMassTolerance() + " " + ip.getFragmentMassToleranceUnit());
		System.out.println("Num miss-cleavages: " + ip.getMisscleavages());

		System.out.println("Number of proteins: " + proteinSet.getIdentifiedProteins().size());
		for (String proteinACC : proteinSet.getIdentifiedProteins().keySet()) {
			IdentifiedProtein protein = proteinSet.getIdentifiedProteins().get(proteinACC);
			System.out.println("Protein " + proteinACC + " contains " + protein.getIdentifiedPeptides().size() + " PSMs");
			for (IdentifiedPeptide peptide : protein.getIdentifiedPeptides()) {
				System.out.println("PSM " + peptide.getSpectrumRef() + " with sequence " + peptide.getSequence()
						+ " and charge " + peptide.getCharge());

private void printMiapeMS(MiapeMSDocument miapeMS) {
	System.out.println("MIAPE MS: ");
	System.out.println("Name: " + miapeMS.getName());
	for (InstrumentConfiguration ic : miapeMS.getInstrumentConfigurations()) {
		for (Analyser analyser : ic.getAnalyzers()) {
			System.out.println("Analyser: " + analyser.getName());
			System.out.println("Description: " + analyser.getDescription());
		for (Esi esi : ic.getEsis()) {
			System.out.println("ESI: " + esi.getName());
			System.out.println("Parameters: " + esi.getParameters());
			System.out.println("Supply type: " + esi.getSupplyType());
		for (ActivationDissociation ad : ic.getActivationDissociations()) {
			System.out.println("Name: " + ad.getName());
			System.out.println("Activation type: " + ad.getActivationType());
			System.out.println("Gas type: " + ad.getGasType());
			System.out.println("Gas pressure: " + ad.getGasPressure() + " " + ad.getPressureUnit());

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