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3dscraft is a free, unofficial adaptation of the popular game Minecraft for the Nintendo 3DS. It is currently being worked on by smea alone and is still in very early stages. As we are still discovering the hardware (reverse engineering and writing the GPU as we go along, yay), the game may be unstable.

A first public release is planned for the November 21st-23rd weekend. This demo will be a basic adaptation of classic mode featuring infinite worlds generated in real time, ability to load/save worlds and place a bunch of blocks.

TODO list for that demo :

  • add 3D rendering support
  • improve lighting
  • improve world generation code
  • add "hand"
  • add basic menu and bottom screen interface


3dscraft and its source code is available under a non-commercial "dickware" license : feel free to use it for any non-commercial purposes you want with it as long as you don't act like a dick, ie please give proper credit to original authors.


  • code by smea
  • icon and logo by @Forstride
  • various textures stolen from random places; currently default texture pack is an old version of eldpack, by eld.