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A Docker image for running nginx with Node.js, based on Alpine Linux. This image belongs to a suite of images documented here.


This image features:


See for image contents. See to find specific Node.js versions.


To use this image include FROM smebberson/alpine-nginx-nodejs at the top of your Dockerfile. Inheriting from smebberson/alpine-nginx-nodejs provides you with the ability to run nginx, within a container that has Node.js for easy configuration.

The container will automatically start nginx for you. For information about how to customise the nginx setup, and where to put your static files read the guide for smebberson/alpine-nginx.

The container won't automatically start or manage your Node.js application. For information about how to set this up, [read the guide for smebberson/alpine-nodejs][smebbersonalpinenodejsgithub].


nginx logs won't automatically stream to stdout. Read the guide for smebberson/alpine-nginx to learn how to access the logs.

If Node.js application logs to stdout (which console.log does) then you'll be able to review your logs using the standard Docker process.


An example of using this image can be found in examples/user-nginx-nodejs.