E-Assessment as practiced at the University of Leipzig, Germany
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elateXam - Open Source eAssessment

This repository contains the complete code of a GPL v2 licensed eAssessment solution suitable for exams in an educational context.




Make sure you have a recent installation of Java JDK 1.6.0+ as well as Maven 2. Also there are two more external dependencies:

  • HttpBot: scriptable http crawler (importing users from moodle via .csv download)
  • Flanagan: vast amount of math, statistics etc. (used for test statistics)


  1. Build the prerequisites.
  2. Checkout sources: git checkout git://github.com/smee/elateXam.git
  3. Build and install the taskmodel: cd taskmodel mvn clean install cd ..
  4. Build and install the examserver: cd examserver mvn clean install


If you have an installation of Tomcat v5.5 available, you may also directly install all needed artifacts by changing the maven commands above to mvn clean install -PdeployTomcat -Dtomcat.path=/path/to/tomcat-5.5.27/'

Assuming your tomcat configuration is unchanged, open your browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080/examServer