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Has translated fields

Rails 2.3.x plugin extracted from real projects that make I18n a lot less painful.

  • Define which ActiveRecord attributes are translated, define one in a migration and new translations get added seamlessly and automatically.

  • Translated attributes auto-pick the translated version in order or precedence: I18n.locale, I18n.default_locale, any other available locale.

  • I18n::Backend::Simple is extended with AnyTranslation, which returns a translation in the same order of precedence as the ActiveRecord translated attributes.


TODO: ActiveRecord class example

TODO: View example

TODO: Metadata example

How to install

script/plugin install git://


  • You use Rails 2.3.x and ActiveRecord.

  • You use the default I18n locale backend (Simple)

  • You have sanitized your I18n.available_locales by only including translations for languages you care about

Sanitizing I18n.available_locales

We have a config/locales directory structure that looks like this:

  • config

    • locales

      • my_project

        • nl.yml

        • en.yml

        • de.yml

      • rails-i18n

        • nl.yml

        • en.yml

        • de.yml

        • es.yml

      • rails

        • nl.yml

        • en.yml

        • de.yml

      • other

The my_project directory is usually named after the project. rails-i18n is a copy of svenfuchs' rails-i18n project's locales files. rails contains ActiveRecord model and attribute names and such. other can be any numer of directories, depending on your use. The convention we use is that the translations available in the my_project directory is what determines the available locales.

Do something like this in config/environment.rb's config block:

# Check all translations defined specifically for current the project to determine which locales are used
used_locales = Dir[Rails.root.join("config", "locales", "my_project", "*.{rb,yml}")].map{|file| File.basename(file).gsub(File.extname(file),"")}.uniq

# Find all translations available and select only those which match the locales we actually use
config.i18n.load_path += Dir[Rails.root.join('config', 'locales', '*', '*.{rb,yml}')].select{|file| used_locales.include? File.basename(file).gsub(File.extname(file),'')}

# We're from the Netherlands, our clients are from the Netherlands, so Dutch is our default locale.
config.i18n.default_locale = :nl
config.after_initialize do
  # Always put the default locale as first available locale
  I18n.available_locales = [I18n.default_locale, I18n.available_locales].flatten.uniq


  • Gerard 'smeevil' de Brieder (

  • Wes 'narnach' Oldenbeuving (