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Syntax Error Notifier

What does it do ?

It will show you an obtrusive error message if your app is crashing due to a syntax error. Optionally it can clear the console on a code push

This package will only work in development

example :


I was always waiting on a auto reload of my app after a change. and something it just did not work. I either had to keep an eye on the terminal or manually refresh to see the app crashed due to a syntax error. This will overlay a message and automatically reload if the crash has been mitigated.

The file generating the parse error is clickable and will open your editor on that file.



meteor add smeevil:syntax-error-notifier

Basic usage:

On a detected crash it will automatically pop the overlay.


By default it will check every second if the app is in a functional state again You can change this by settings the following (checkInterval is in seconds)

There are currently two modes : obtrusive , and unobtrusive You can set those using the boolean 'obtrusive'

In the example you see the obtrusive version, the unobtrusive version will only show a small red bar at the top of you app containing the error

Config options :

Option Type Default Description
mode String obtrusive Show the error as overlay on your application if obtrusive, or set to unobtrusive to just pop a small error bar on top of the page
checkInterval Number 1 Check interval in seconds to see if the error has been resolved.
clearConsoleOnReload Boolean true Clears the browsers debug console after each page reload
filterDotMeteor Boolean true Clears the stack trace that dives into .meteor directory
linkFiles Boolean true Link the files in the stack trace to your browser
editorProtocol String 'x-mine' The protocol used to open your files, sublime example : 'subl' this will generate links like x-mine://open?file=

example config :

    checkInterval: 1, 
    mode: 'obtrusive', 
    clearConsoleOnReload: false
    filterDotMeteor: true
    linkFiles: true

Licensed under the WTFPL License. See the LICENSE file for details.


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