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Hi, I'm Stephan 👋

I work MagicBell, and create and maintain open source projects in my spare time.

Projects that I'm currently working on are:

module name description
graphql-args Extract query fields & arguments from the graphql ast
jest-partial Partial Matcher for Jest Expect
leaflet-geosearch (Leaflet) GeoSearch / GeoCode provider
next-runtime All you need to handle POST requests, file uploads, and api requests, in getServerSideProps.
spin-delay Smart spinner helper for React, to manage the duration of loading states
unimported Find unused source files in javascript / typescript projects.
where-broke Find the version of a dependency that broke your tests
@rakered/accounts A Meteor compatible accounts module for managing user accounts in mongodb
@rakered/email An easy way to build emails using react and send them using nodemailer
@rakered/errors Convenient custom errors matching http status code
@rakered/forms Tiny helper to help with (uncontrolled) form submissions
@rakered/hash A tiny, zero dependency, isomorphic SHA256 hashing algorithm
@rakered/mongo A tiny but elegant wrapper around the native mongodb driver for node.js
web apps description Check if your (users) browser is still supported by your (favorite) websites. Forms for Static Pages — Collect info from users without a server or back-end code. Simple and complete DOM testing playground that encourage good testing practices. A Tailwind Studio that empowers you to build professional, custom designs, in a completely visual canvas.

ps. just in case you're using or checking any of my projects 👆 or pinned repo's below 👇, I'd love to hear what you think of them. Mention me at twitter?

Thanks for all that ❤️ sponsor my work!


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