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Interpeer is the new censorship free, peer-to-peer world-wide-web that supports web2.0, also a market place for massively parallel processing tasks and redundant data storage.

in essence Interpeer does for the world-wide-web what bitTorrent does for file-sharing; each interpeer-site is hosted by other peers, which makes it very difficult to destroy, also authors can upload sites anonymously.

But unlike bitTorrent, the site is not static data; so to continue the analogy, it would be equivalent of uploading onto bitTorrent, and users still being able view and edit pages using their web browser without any knowledge of Interpeer.

key innovations:

  • almost indestructible hosting.
  • supports web2.0 (dynamic user modifiable content).
  • seamless transition from the current world-wide-web.
  • massively distributed parallel computing.
  • peer consensus can stop updates.


Please read the white-paper completely and then open discussions to criticise. As peer review is vital.