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Garmin FIT file parser for nodejs
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lib Tidying up a bit.
libfit Added GetOS function to distinguish linux/windows since GetArch is th…
src record timestamp is now a correct javascript DateTime object.
test-files Added mocha tests. Changed exceptions to emit 'error' events instead …
.gitignore Initial commit. Example node-binding working with node-gyp.
.travis.yml Added travis ci support.
LICENSE.txt Add MIT license Added travis build status to readme
package.json Added record message emitting with basic numeric attributes.


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Garmin FIT file parser for nodejs.

This project is just starting. I am creating a native C++ node binding for the FIT SDK v6.00.

The goal for this project is to be able to both decode and encode FIT files. If you have an interest in getting involved with this project, please get in touch!

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