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* @file
* Default theme implementation for beans.
* Available variables:
* - $content: An array of comment items. Use render($content) to print them all, or
* print a subset such as render($content['field_example']). Use
* hide($content['field_example']) to temporarily suppress the printing of a
* given element.
* - $title: The (sanitized) entity label.
* - $url: Direct url of the current entity if specified.
* - $page: Flag for the full page state.
* - $classes: String of classes that can be used to style contextually through
* CSS. It can be manipulated through the variable $classes_array from
* preprocess functions. By default the following classes are available, where
* the parts enclosed by {} are replaced by the appropriate values:
* - entity-{ENTITY_TYPE}
* Other variables:
* - $classes_array: Array of html class attribute values. It is flattened
* into a string within the variable $classes.
* @see template_preprocess()
* @see template_preprocess_entity()
* @see template_process()
<div class="<?php print $classes; ?> clearfix"<?php print $attributes; ?>>
<div class="content"<?php print $content_attributes; ?>>
print render($content);
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