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rxvt-unicode changelog <= google-friendly title
TODO: xcopyarea pass broken, fix and improve
TODO: event mechanism that replaces on_user_command with something more scalable.
TODO: slipwheeling needs a keyboard grab to get key release events.
TODO: overlays collide with the way the out-of-focus cursor is being drawn
TODO: "slow" rendering mode for bidi and scripts, pango!
TODO: read property sequence is broken with respect to utf-8 etc.
TODO: slow drag selection on remote display - other things seem fast (rxvt illness, motion hints?)
TODO: better resource handling for tabbar in -pe tabbed.
WISH: investigate -pe tabbed -g 80x25 being 23 not 24 or 25 lines
=> when setting the constraints, the wm might (correctly)
resize the outer window, which might result in a smaller window overall.
or something like that. guys, send me a patch.
WISH: coloured pastebin
WISH: load system-wide config file even if we don't have one
WISH: look into XAddConnectionWatch, does anybody need that?
DUMB: support tex fonts
TODO: decrqm
TODO: perl-shell-window? perl-unix-socket?
TODO: command line editing when icanon?
TODO: perl selection object creation/destruction
- fix reply to a selection request sent by an obsolete client
such as syncterm (patch by Marcin Cieslak).
- fix crash when the window is resized and the overlay is active
(Emanuele Giaquinta, reported by Ryan Kavanagh).
- match character-wise rather than byte-wise in selection
extension again. perl 5.8.9+ is required to avoid extreme
slowdowns. Fixes debian bugs #523072, #616463.
- fix a possible crash if the INCR transfer process for a
selection property timeouts and at least one chunk is
received. (Emanuele Giaquinta)
- work around a memory corruption bug in xorg's XrmSetDatabase (apparently
broken since
- fix memory corruption bug when custom command sequences bound to keys
were injected into an already-full pty input buffer.
- gdk-pixbuf is autodetected by default and preferred over libafterimage.
- do not prepend a newline to the selection text when the starting line
of the selection is not highlighted (Emanuele Giaquinta).
- don't swap perl env with real env, save and restore it, just in case
we ever get recursive perl invocations. also saves a bit of codespace
with gcc.
- fix various memory leaks (Emanuele Giaquinta).
- fix typo in kIC terminfo capability, debian bug #446444.
- document 'thickness' resource.
- fix debian bug #504817, to the extent possible.
- try to detect byte order at compile time, saves a couple of
hundred bytes, if your compiler is smart enough.
- add support for previewing the pasted data in confirm-paste
(Emanuele Giaquinta).
- added "newlines to spaces" option in selection-popup.
- actually enabled solaris event ports backend (was disabled by accident).
- revert to 38400 baud max., mission accomplished.
- no longer create scary "pty_fill: PLEASE REPORT" message, instead,
silently drain the input (problem is well understood now).
- no longer swallow rob nation's own graphics mode commands.
9.10 Mon Dec 13 17:43:52 CET 2010
- the "schmorp=north korea dickey=south korea" release.
- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: make OSC 20 simpler and more correct
(Emanuele Giaquinta).
- if options were compiled out, this could lead to the option
count to be defined wrongly. This is likely behind the
failures with gcc 4.5.
- explicitly depend on fontconfig and xrender when xft support
is enabled. Although the public Xft api uses types from
both, in Xft 2.2.0 these libs are private
dependencies only thanks to an idiotic behaviour of
pkg-config that was added to workaround cases like this one.
Fixes linking when using GNU ld with --as-needed or GNU gold
(based on patch by Jan Palus).
- fix minor memory leaks in urxvt and urxvtd.
- fix regression in urxvtd that prevented options from being correctly
set (reported by Michal Vaner).
- implement xterm's horribly broken 1005 mouse reporting mode,
and an alternative 1015 mode that works in non-utf-8 locales
and has fewer limitations.
- fix a possible bug where mouse notifications didn't work after
startup for the upper left corner.
- implement our own pixbuf to pixmap rendering to get rid of
dependency on buggy gdk-pixbuf-xlib. Only truecolor visuals
are supported (Emanuele Giaquinta).
- apply tinting before shading when both operations are requested.
Previously they were intermixed when lightening and the result
was inaccurate and confusing. Note that now a black tint yields a
completely black image, regardless of shading (Emanuele Giaquinta).
- avoid spurious redraws of the bg image when bg is transparent or
when using 'root' mode (Emanuele Giaquinta).
- fix build on XFree86.
- dynamically number options according to compiletime requirements.
For the extra saved byte. Or so. Yay.
- start options at one, not zero. Wastes a bit per terminal. Maybe.
saves 50 instruction bytes. Possibly.
9.09 Sat Nov 13 01:39:07 CET 2010
- NOTICE: this release updates terminfo/termcap.
- the bestest release ever.
- it was verified that urxvt handles µ and μ correctly.
- add support for blending and blurring with XRender (Emanuele Giaquinta).
- add support for using gdk-pixbuf as image backend (Emanuele Giaquinta).
- cleanup and minor fixes of the image code (Emanuele Giaquinta).
- new perl extension "confirm-paste" (Emanuele Giaquinta).
- new on_tt_paste perl hook and tt_paste perl binding (Emanuele Giaquinta).
- new on_bell perl hook (Emanuele Giaquinta).
- searchable-scrollback no longer ignores the first line
(Emanuele Giaquinta).
- properly set VSTATUS in termios for *BSD (reported by Ed Schouten).
- fix utmpx detection on upcoming FreeBSD 9.
- Use COMPOUND_TEXT encoding for WM_NAME/WM_ICON_NAME value when it
is not fully convertible to STRING (patch by James Cloos).
- fix a buffer overflow that would cause wrong key sequences to
be generated for numpad keys (introduced in 9.05).
- fix definition of sgr0 to work around limitations in luit.
- extend ISO 14755 5.4 mode to also print the font name of the
characters other than first one in the selected cell
(Emanuele Giaquinta).
- new iso14755 option to disable ISO 14755 at runtime
(Emanuele Giaquinta).
- make sure pagewise scrolling scrolls at least one line
(found by Mikachu).
- remove deprecated OSC 18 / 19 and make OSC 17 / 19 apply to
highlightColor / highlightTextColor (Emanuele Giaquinta).
- add highlightTextColor resource to change the foreground colour of
highlighted characters (Emanuele Giaquinta).
- make highlightColor apply also to selected cells with reverse video
but not to non selected cells with reverse video (Emanuele Giaquinta).
- remove colorRV resource (it was enabled only with frills off).
- fix numlock handling, the most longstanding bug to date (Emanuele Giaquinta).
- reduce the number of custom bits to 4, to make room
for 256 colours.
- add support for 256 colors (Emanuele Giaquinta, Marc Lehmann).
- add rxvt-unicode-256color terminfo and use it by default in 256 colors mode.
- update rxvt-unicode terminfo to state 7744 colour pairs to cover all
88*88 possible pairs.
- actually added macosx-clipboard-native, which should have been in
the 9.07 release but had been forgotten.
- fix hang if DECAWM is not set and there are not enough columns to insert a
character (Emanuele Giaquinta).
- cub1 ("backspace") will now respect wrapping when past the rightmost column,
working around a shortcoming of most tty line discipline's line editing.
- add support for grabbing the clipboard selection and extend
selection{_clear,_grab,} perl bindings to optionally work
on the clipboard selection (based on patch by Dana Jansens).
- no longer force CERASE to BACKSPACE - use the system default. affects
default value for VERASE only when no compatible setting for
backspacekey was given.
- use higher than 38400 baudrate setting, if detected.
- erase screen would clear to the wrong background when blinking
was enabled (which selects high intensity under some circumstances).
- scr_kill_char didn't touch the line.
- upgrade and port to libev-4.01.
- enabled solaris event ports and kqueue backends (if available).
9.07 Wed Dec 30 07:07:18 CET 2009
- port to glibc-2.10 changes (strchr etc. returning const char *
in C++), based on patches by Milos Jakubicek and Oliver Mader.
- the binary search algorithm to find precomposed characters
was faulty, skipping some possible combinations (found by
- new -letterspace option, patch by Mark H. Wilkinson.
- enable --mlock option for urxvt with frills on
systems supporting it (patch by Russell Harmon).
- urxvt did not compile without frills enabled
(analysed by Matthew Rosewarne).
- correctly reset the mbstate after an illegal
input sequence when handling terminal output (Emanuele Giaquinta).
- avoid redrawing wide characters with combining enabled on every
refresh (reported by Mikachu).
- fix a typo preventing the ISO-646.1991 character set from being
recognized (
- better warning for x11 font encoding detection failures, also,
try to deduce encoding from both font properties and name
(adapted from
- resizing the window with the scrollbar disabled via the escapes
sequence could make the window bigger again (Mikachu).
- make sure the alignment for fd passing control messages
is correct and work around some NetBSD issues (Taylor R Campbell).
- update to libptytty 1.3.
- replace macosx-clipboard by a nicer version by Reza Jelveh, and move
the old version to macosx-clipboard-native.
- document the -uc option (Emanuele Giaquinta).
- assertions in libev are now enabled depending on frills.
- update AnyEvent implementation to version 5.23 API.
- work around arrogant bsd idiocies again: netbsd spills the default
namespace with lots of symbols "for gnu/gcc compatibility" even
though neither of them does it, and then calls the rest of the world
in need of fixing. go figure.
- on_keyboard_command is on_user_command (patch by Michael Witten).
- setting the selection from perl will now reset the selection screen
to the current screen. the screen can be manipulated using
the new ->selection_screen method.
- implement --enable-assert configure option and get rid of DEBUG_STRICT
(based on patch by Emanuele Giaquinta).
- fix printpipe data output (patch by Emanuele Giaquinta).
- allow `xxx' quoting style for perl selection.
- upgrade to libev-3.9 prerelease.
- updated compose tables to unicode 5.2.0.
9.06 Sat Nov 8 17:47:18 CET 2008
- NOTICE: this release updates terminfo/termcap.
- updates libev to 3.48.
- the aterm code now frees the as visual and image manager objects
when a window was closed.
- do not (wrongly) adjust the virtual line length inside
scr_insdel_chars/ERASE (Miroslav Lichvar).
- fix an issue where wide tab characters caused character shifts
when part of them was deleted (tracked down by Miroslav Lichvar).
- artificially enlargen the previous character at the end of a line
when trying to output a character that doesn't fit. looks ugly, but
makes copy&paste work.
- remove bogus "setuid/setgid security issues" from rxvt.1.pod, they
no longer apply.
- the urgency hint is now cleared on both focus in and focus out.
- cache urgency hint locally to avoid server rtt on every focus change.
- perl 5.10 needs PERL_SYS_INIT3 on hppa.
- ignore byte-order marks and do not treat them like combining characters.
- fix build issue when CURSOR_BLINK is not defined (Emanuele Giaquinta).
- do some µ-optimisations to the character fast path.
- use a less cunning, but more robust algorithm to avoid one terminal
monopolising the whole process by outputting a lot of text.
- try to work around linux first breaking sched_yield and now breaking
the only known workaround.
- new option -icon to set _NET_WM_ICON (based on patch by Frank Schmitt).
- initialise the as visual only on demand, instead of unconditionally,
to save memory in the common case of not using visual gimmicks.
- try to work around bugs in a few wm's that erroneously resize
client windows on hint property updates by temporarily
disabling size hints.
- implement the DECSTR soft reset sequence and use it for tput init,
and make hard RIS and DECSTR both reset more private modes, such
as mouse reporting.
- redundantly clear mouse reporting and a few other states in
tput init/tput reset, for older urxvts.
- partial/full clear screens did cause flickering and possibly pixel
droppings when urxvt viewed the scrollback buffer.
- use current rendition style in DCH sequence.
- the 132/80 mode switch no longer forces a screen reset.
- add an osc sequence to change the border colour (Emanuele Giaquinta).
- new perl extension "overlay-osc", for status displays and the like.
- fix some minor cursor drawing issues with overlays by allowing
overlays to modify screen flags (to disable the cursor themselves).
- work around programs not restoring rstyle before rmcup
(analysed by Miroslav Lichvar).
9.05 Sun Jun 15 20:09:20 CEST 2008
- new option --cd/chdir to set the starting working directory.
- tabbed extension now starts in the "correct" working directory.
- work around fedora 9 providing isastream but not the relevant
header file for it (report by Tuncer Ayaz).
- upgrade libev, fixing a bug in the select backend.
with more than 31 file descriptors on non-linux 64 bit systems.
- correctly reset the multibyte state to the initial one
after EILSEQ (patch by Neil Booth). This fixes the
issue of rxvt-unicode not properly displaying text after an illegal
sequence on NetBSD and probably other systems.
- more intelligent property handling with -pe tabbed, works around
broken window managers (kwm et al.), saves bandwidth and should
help working window managers as well.
- made tabs moveable (based on a patch by Petr Machata).
- implement ESC [ 3 K as a more rational alternative to ESC [ 0 K.
- support relative paths for RXVT_SOCKET in urxvtd.
- the tabbed extension now blindly copies over all (rxvt-) resources
from the toplevel window to the children.
- better diagnostic on 0x0 window geometries.
- update AnyEvent API to version 3.4 and above.
- document the default value of :0 for DISPLAY.
- rename perl method XChangeWindowProperty to XChangeProperty.
9.02 Tue Jan 29 11:58:36 CET 2008
- the "exg makes everybody happy" release.
- fix build with !xft.
- always compile in plain style scrollbar (simplifies code and looks great).
9.01 Sat Jan 26 20:49:27 CET 2008
- be more aggressive about handling X events, this seems to be required
with newer xlibs (should fix the "screen stays black until event is
received" problem, again :)
- add buffered resource to control xft double-buffering.
9.0 Fri Jan 25 19:34:04 CET 2008
- fix a crash bug where urxvtd would crash when urxvtc was called
with wrong arguments (I wish debian maintainers in general would
report bugs and their proposed fixes to the original package maintainers
instead of sitting on them for good measure to see if anybody notices).
- drawing xft compose characters was causing garbage to be drawn.
- correctly clear xft character background in all cases.
- implement bracketed paste mode (xterm private mode 2004).
- improve documentation on alpha channel handling, make urxvt
work better on servers lacking the RENDER extension when alpha
channels or background images are used.
- check for refresh after initialising to avoid staying blank
till the first event arrives. or so.
- the FORCE_UNBUFFERED_XFT feature macro works again.
- continuously update transparency while moving/resizing now.
- OSC 39/49 are deprecated and aliased to OSC 10/11.
- cub1 now acts as advertised (and ignores the "wrapped" state).
- the 132/80 mode switch now forces a height of 24, too, and
resets the terminal.
- scrollbar code cleanups.
- stopping children is no longer confused with children exiting.
- removed (undocumented) #aarrggbb format.
- updated to libev 3.0.
8.9 Mon Dec 24 07:51:40 CET 2007
- fix the issue where urxvtd would not immediately close a window
when the command exited but only on the next X event.
- changed terminfo file not to use application keypad mode.
- fix the issue where making a selection in one urxvtd window
would not clear it visually in another.
- fix an issue of urxvt not getting background pixmap updates
and flickering after bg pixmap changes (reported by Mikachu).
- fix redraw bug in xterm scrollbar with -sr (reported by Mikachu).
- correctly provide dependencies for libev (µikachu).
- minor code reorganisations and cleanups.
- be more robust in case the urxvt-popup extension cannot be loaded.
8.8 Sat Dec 15 19:40:39 CET 2007
- option -C was aliased to all unsupported options, activating
options that shouldn't be compiled in, leading to interesting
- updated libev, working around a bug in linux 2.4, curing the
symptom of urxvt not closing its window on shell exit. also
fixes a problem with urxvt not refreshing.
- the text blink callback was called even when no blinking
text was visible.
- pre-8.4 slipwheeling behaviour has been reinstated, with
some minor improvements.
- streamlined x events processing to only flush once per
display and not once per terminal window.
- quite a bit of minor code cleanups and codesize optimisations.
8.7 Sun Nov 25 10:23:49 CET 2007
- update libev with an important bugfix that would cause crashes
when closing windows (when using rxvtd, and update is recommended).
- do not compile in the block builtin graphics with --disable-frills.
8.6 Fri Nov 23 14:10:57 CET 2007
- upgrade libev to disable kqueue on anything but netbsd as it
seems to be broken everywhere else w.r.t. ptys.
- allow for spurious event notifications, as at least epoll and
especially solaris ports like to lie about them (symptoms:
urxvt "hangs" until there is some x11 related activity).
- -keysym command line options are now subjected to xlib parsing.
- add 'xrm' option analogous to Xt one.
8.5a Wed Nov 21 10:16:33 CET 2007
- make it compile with --disable-transparency.
8.5 Wed Nov 21 05:19:20 CET 2007
- expect major portability issues in this release: please test and report.
- converted from the veritable io manager event loop to
the high performance libev (
- minor tuning to the perl selection (include single words and more quoting chars).
- fix memory leak in pixmap code.
- fix a serious bug while setting the XIM destroy callback
on (typical) 64 bit systems.
- automove-background functionality re-implemented internally using :root op in pixmap
geometry string. For example: rxvt -pixmap "image.jpg;:root"
- do not link rxvtc against every lib on the planet anymore.
- parallel builds should work once more.
8.4 Sat Oct 27 14:02:13 CEST 2007
- overhaul of the transparency/pixmap code (sasha).
- fix possible race between visual bell and poweron.
(reported by Martin von Gagern, gentoo?).
- urxvt -e no longer crashes the child.
- fixed some minor memleaks on incorrect usage or
missing DISPLAY.
- implement xterm 1002/1003 mouse tracking modes (exg).
- source code organisational cleanups (exg).
- updated io_manager.
8.3 Wed Aug 1 20:21:31 CEST 2007
- new option: skipScroll/-ss, enabled by default.
- go with the times and expect x11 library files in /usr/lib, not
- initial transparency improvement/afterimage support
patch by Sasha Vasko.
- add urgentOnBell resource to set the urgency hint
(patch by Philip Paeps).
- do not process focus events caused by grabs
(patch by Mikachu).
- add iso14755_52 resource to disable iso14755 5.2 (exg).
- add binding for backspace in iso14755 5.1 to remove the last
digit (exg).
- better option handling, support more than 30 options (exg).
- nuke reconf script, serves no purpose anymore.
- fixed and documented matcher/on_user_command processing in matcher
extension (tpope).
- compile out of the box on Solaris 10 (exg).
- fix MappingNotify events (reported by Stephan Walter).
- zero-initialise mwmhints, this seems to solve all sorts of minor
8.2 Sat Feb 17 21:35:28 CET 2007
- fix make depend in src/, reported by exg.
- fixed typo in urxvt::GET_CUSTOM, causing the result to be wrong.
(patch by Sergey Vlasov).
- unbundled iom perl interface somewhat.
- scrollbar-xterm now uses the selected scrollColor instead of fg
(found by Aiviru).
- disabled linux kernel bug workaround again: disabling it gives
a 50% speed hit on affected machines, while enabling it gives
a similar speed hit to screen, which is likely the more common
case to work around for :/
- urxvt::rend2mask perl function, and utilization of it by matcher
(patch by Moshe Kamensky).
- use perl:matcher on a keysym to open most recently displayed URL.
- with matcher, when multiple patterns match, last wins, not first.
- fix make and make install with srcdir != builddir (exg).
- updated bundled libptytty to fix a bug where the tty would be kept
open (see the libptytty ChangeLog for details).
- delay setting the IUTF8 flag to after the tty settings have been
set so its value does not get lost (reported and analysed by Andrei
- rip out support for obsolete sgtty.h interface.
- rip out support for non-POSIX termios variants.
- update libptytty.
- update iom.C, make it call ptytty::sanitise_stdfd on init.
- when !XFT, change rounding of colours to use a less correct formula to
meet user expectancies (#aaa becomes #a000a000a000 not #9f9f9f9f9f9f).
- change the starting offset of the pixmap set with backgroundPixmap
from (50,50) to (0,0) (exg).
- fix a typo in button_release, now meta-button2 request the value of
the Clipboard selection as it should (patch by Serge Koksharov).
- fix a bug in drawing a cell with a nonspacing char when using an xft
font with inheritPixmap and tintColor (exg).
8.1 Thu Dec 7 22:27:25 CET 2006
- ケリスマスプレゼント - zomg!!1, it's too early!!!
- fix the assumption that chars < 256 are single-width. Now
only assume this for codepoints 32 to 126 (reported by Dai.H.).
- $term->strwidth returned wide chars as width 1, because some jerk
confused min and max. Fixing this also fixes xim-onthespot.
Reported by Takano Akio.
- secondaryScroll is now enabled by default (as per the manpage),
reported by exg.
- correct the description of [percent]color rgba format in the manpage.
- incorporated macosx-clipboard extension by Samuel Ljungkvist.
- ignore (some) useless focus events (reported by mmc).
- updated compose table to unicode 5.0.0.
8.0 Thu Nov 2 18:35:19 CET 2006
- combining characters cleared the area instead of creating an overlay,
thus losing the ability to draw combining characters properly in most
circumstances (reported by exg).
- specified fonts were incorrectly morphed to bold/italic according to the
basefont, even if explicitly specified (tracked down by tpope).
- fixed urxvt::strwidth to calculate width in the same way as screen.C.
- fix a crash caused by passing negative widths to overlay functions.
- added 'matcher' extension by tpope, replacing the mark-urls extension.
- improve url regex to match anything www.* (tpope).
- fixed bug with outline cursor color being wrong after xft fonts.
- update to libptytty-1.0.
- give proper diagnostic when RXVT_SOCKET is too long instead of
corrupting the stack (patch by exg).
- display current terminal locale in option menu.
- urxvtd no longer crashes when the client sends an inaccessible
working directory (reported by Roland Baer, possibly fixes gentoo
bug #143985).
- fixed many minor issues reported by Roland Baer.
- Leonid Khramov spotted a minor glitch in rxvtfont.C that
should not have any consequences, but was buggy nonetheless.
- manpage fix by exg.
7.9 Mon Aug 7 18:16:07 CEST 2006
- fix the crashing bug people encountered with 7.8 + urxvtd + perl
+ transparency. Ought to fix debian bug #380348.
- fix urxvtc.1.pod: it actually claimed -pty-fd would not work. But
it does! :->
- rxvt_fatal() in case the locale string is too long for our static buffer.
- fixed many, many, typos in the manpages (patch supplied by ves).
7.8 Mon Jul 17 21:00:46 CEST 2006
- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: this version will always read ~/.Xdefaults,
earlier versions only read it if display-resources (usually from
.Xresources) are not set. This avoids the #1 FAQ ("why isn't my
resource used") and seems to be logical behaviour, too. .Xdefaults
resources have a lower priority than display-specific resources.
- add "kuake" perl extension that does a similar thing to the kuake
terminal emulator (see man urxvtperl).
- use less "correct" color scaling that is compatible with libX11 and
Xft (avoids off-by-one colors resulting in striped backgrounds).
- the "depth" resource is now respected.
- preset the searchable-scrollback pattern with "(?i)" to default search
to case-insensitivity. Will automatically be cleared when typing an
uppercase character.
- add FORCE_UNBUFFERED_XFT define to features.h.
- re-enabled highlightcolor support with --enable-frills, based on
a patch by Martin Stubenschrott.
- double-buffered xft drawing did suffer from pixel offset issues
when pixmap transparency was enabled.
- strategically add # to the url-match regexes, as we really want to
match common URIs not common URLs. Reported by Aaron Griffin.
- moved on_osc_seq to on_osc_seq_perl and added a more
generic osc_seq.
- fix a bug causing double callback invocations when perl hooks
were invoked recursively.
- the automove-background extension now properly works when the
pixmap gets reset with an osc sequence (sqweek).
- selection-pastebin did not work properly with non-latin1-characters.
- apply colorUL only when the text colour is the default fg
(patch by Wu Fengguang).
- removed rxvtlib.h from the tarball, it had no reason to be there
(spotted by Decklin Foster).
- fix compiling with TRANSPARENT but !XPM_BACKGROUND, as reported
by omatunto_.
- slap in a using namespace std, might help on platforms that don't
follow C++ closely enough.
- fix mailto url regex, spotted within milliseconds by Jost Krieger.
- applied fade_color_update_func.patch by WU Fengguang.
- fix a bug where (due to an optimisation in av_delete), hiding the
bottom-most overlay would hide two overlays.
7.7 Tue Feb 21 12:32:49 CET 2006
- use double-buffered drawing (xft fonts only). On many driver/hardware
combination this actually increases xft drawing speed, at the expense
of more network bandwidth and slight nausea on the side of the author.
- readline perl extension now requires shift-click instead of a normal
click, and eats the click.
- tabbed perl extension now supports -e.
- disabled graphics-exposures on the main drawing GC, report any
refresh bugs please.
- improve property handling for -pe tabbed: avoid unnecessary property
changes (for kde's benefit) at the expense of extra round-trips,
improve size hint setting.
- modified XIM according to a patch sent by Takano Akio that sets
the preedit rectangle for OverTheSpot, which helps some input methods
to correctly position their preedit window.
- un-optimise the line clearing on newly scrolled-in lines a bit: the
former reasoning was that any fg colour on default bg looks the same
in empty spaces, but that's not true when reversing (e.g. selection),
so also check for matching fg colours. This fixes the problem where
selecting newly scrolled-in lines would exhibit wrong colours.
- fix a bug in the perl interface causing focus in events to generate
focus out perl events, causing bad focus effects with -pe tabbed.
- fix a race resulting in a crash on exiting.
- fix a with --disable-xft that caused xfreecolors to be called on
colors never allocated, resulting in aborts (reported by Paco-Paco).
- resources on non-initial screens weren't refetched correctly
(reported by Paco-Paco).
- fix a bug in xcopyarea pass and _disable_ it, as it seems not to be
working in either rxvt-unicode nor in the original rxvt.
- removed undocumented -exec alias for the -e option.
7.6 Fri Feb 10 08:52:36 CET 2006
- changed interpretation of [alpha] colour prefix.
- +option now really sets the option to default, instead of using the
resource value.
- options that require an argument now really _require_ an argument.
- the tabbed extension now forwards focus and key events to the
relevant tab window.
- tab colours are now configurable and have sensible defaults
(initial patch by hednod).
- option menu is extendable, readline, selection and
selection-autotransform can now be disabled/enabled at runtime.
- forcing a configure event to tabbed subwindows with -pe tabbed, for
the benefit of automove-background.
- the automove-background extension added a wrong constant offset.
- force refresh of XA_RESOURCE_STRING on virtual reconnect.
- return exit status 2 in urxvtc when urxvtd couldn't be contacted.
- the linux yield hack is back, now using usleep, and enabled only on
- further round trip eliminations in the !XFT case by remembering
the colour components.
- plain scrollbar works better with -sr.
- fixed half-shadow scrollbar look.
- more colour rtt optimisations.
- properly(?) free colours on window close.
- reorganised the FAQ into multiple sections.
- add ISO646.1991-IRV to the list of supported codesets.
- minor libptytty update.
7.5 Tue Jan 31 15:15:43 CET 2006
- further improvements to the careful mode detection, and font width
- fully double-wide fonts will now be correctly treated,
- overlap detection was improved.
- detect totally broken fonts (usually synthesized by xft).
- careful mode forced refresh sometimes clashed with blinking,
causing unnecessary screen redraws.
- better handling of XFT combining characters.
- enable antialiasing for some replacement fonts, as they
might get used for other encodings which really need it, later.
- remove spacing=100 from all default fonts, as this creates totally
weird spacing (5 times normal) with xft.
- removed iso10646 fallback, as xorgs iso10646 encoded fonts are mostly
- removed gnu unifont fallback, all combining characters are broken.
- replace named colours by xorg's rgb.txt equivalents, to
reduce round trip time on startup, and short-cut allocation
of rgb:rr/gg/bb for xft.
- short-cut allocation of rgb values in the xlib case
(patch by Paco-Paco).
- overhauled color management: smaller codesize, alpha support.
- support "rgba:rrrr/gggg/bbbb/aaaa" color specifications and
an "[alpha]" prefix.
- try to work around Xft and Xrender forcing everything to be 100%
transparent. Long Live Xft!
- do not include X11/Intrinsic.h anymore, directly use
Xlib/Xutil/Xresource directly.
- try to find a nearest matching color when color allocation fails
on a pseudocolor screen.
- SYNCCVS: compared to rxvt-cvs 2006-01-28, no relevant changes.
- fix version report (DA) (which was unfortunately broken).
- changed version number report again, now to emulate xterm closer.
- added the OSC sequence 702 to detect the urxvt version number.
- small configure updates.
- further RTT optimisations.
- backported clean-up patches for makefiles and documentation from
the debian package.
- updated doc/rxvt-unicode.spec file. It's still not maintained here,
but much newer than the old one.
7.4 Sat Jan 28 15:26:27 CET 2006
- screen background wasn't always erased properly when scrolling,
- re-enabled clearing optimisation disabled in 7.4pre.
- small configure updates for libptytty.
- fixed version options: line output.
- removed stoopid debugging message left in the code.
7.3 Wed Jan 25 22:47:35 CET 2006
- don't let iso14755 or mouse reporting get into the way of perl
(could lead to global grabs never being cleared).
- experimental OnTheSpot editing support (-pe xim-onthespot).
- moved Shift-Button2 paste combination to Meta-Button2.
- the cutchars resource will now be respected and used by the
selection extension.
- added the "remote-clipboard" extension which just runs external
commands to fetch and store the selection data.
- added -depth switch that tries to get a different visual depth
than the default (replaces the old PREFER_24_BIT logic).
- removed (unused) arabic presentation form composing sequences.
- be more strict when deciding that a core font glyph is too wide and
needs the careful rendering mode.
- allow more leeway for italic fonts when deciding that a character is
too wide and needs careful mode.
- redraw even more characters around characters using careful mode.
- made selection-pastebin fully asynchronous.
- reduced number of server turnarounds at startup by allocating
atoms only once per display.
- renamed on_keyboard_command to on_user_command.
- changed version sos (ESC [ > c) response to be more compatible with
7.2 Sun Jan 22 21:58:16 CET 2006
- bugfix: urxvt (not urxvtd) did not correctly handle multiple
environments necessary, which resulted in segfaults within
getenv (reproducable: urxvt -fn 9x15, open a menu once,
- bugfix: the selection speedup in in 7.1 unfortunately caused
non-ascii characters to enlarge/move the selection.
- bugfix: resizing sometimes leaked lines from the secondary to
the primary screen.
- bugfix: reducing window size while large amounts of text were output
could lead to an assertion failure.
- added "tabbed" extension that provides a crude tabbed terminal.
- added "readline" extension that allows cursor positioning
via mouse clicks.
- now it is possible to insert the value of the CLIPBOARD selection
with shift - mouse button 2.
- fixed the automove-background extension to ignore coordinates
in non-synthetic events.
- created a separate libpty for portable and secure
pty/tty/utmp/wtmp/lastlog handling, and include it in rxvt-unicode.
- the non-terminfo visual bell now works asynchronously, so
continuous ASCI BELs in one terminal do no longer monopolise the
whole urxvt[d] process.
- support some *BSD makes (for the time being, gnu make is a safe bet).
- work around bugs in FreeBSD's gcc.
- implemented some *BSD fixes in configure.
- removed support for obsolete offix dnd protocol.
7.1 Thu Jan 19 20:25:34 CET 2006
- setuid/setgid operation is now _encouraged_: security has been
improved by moving privileged operations into a separate process
and permanently dropping privileges within the terminal. This
makes it possible to remove security checks from the perl code
and gives a much safer feeling when urxvt needs to run with
special privileges.
- perl taint checking disabled, as urxvt no longer runs setuid/setgid
- new perl extension automove-background that can be used to get
the same effect as pseudo-transparency with any pixmap.
- new perl extension example: perl/selection-pastebin, can be used to
e.g. upload the selection to a webserver and generate a url, or
similar stuff.
- use the scrollback buffer even when the scroll region doesn't
span the whole screen, as long as it starts at row 0. Helps
for programs displaying a status line at the bottom.
- selection popup now shows selection in dec/hex/oct.
- perl/selection: matching on unicode characters in the selection
code was O(n²), which equals infinity in some degenerate cases
:-> Matching is now done on UTF-8, which makes it almost instant.
- perl/selection, perl/selection-autotransform: regexes are now
being interpreted in the locale urxvt was started.
- implemented override-redirect option and enabled it on menus,
as kwin puts our windows behind the terminal (what a shoddy wm).
- fixed struct utmp check in configure for OpenBSD.
- complete overhaul of the pty/utmp management stuff and configure
(Emanuele Giaquinta=exg).
- add tsl/fsl and related capabilities to the terminfo description,
to set the window title.
- swap the environment in some more cases. This hopefully fixes
some segfaults that might be caused by xft asking for env variables
at the wrong time.
- removed src/strings.C and src/menubar.C. No menubar support
- removed all traces of SMOOTH_REFRESH.
- nuked QNX support.
- made some fixes to xpm offset and scaling code.
- perl-overlays and refresh hooks were not applied in correct order.
- changed coordinate-system of view_start/nsaved to be top to bottom.
- iom extended to support listening for child exits.
7.0 Fri Jan 13 14:02:18 CET 2006
- added sections for DISTRIBUTION MAINTAINERS and about
- selection, searchable-scrollback, selection-popup and
option-popup extensions enabled by default.
- increased xft drawing speed for problematic fonts. The effect
will likely be small as 99% of the xft slowness is server-related.
- perl: much increased functionality, better overlays, popup support
and much much more.
- perl: urxvt::line now can set via ->t and ->r.
- perl: changed interpretation of --perl-ext-common and -pe.
- perl: finally implemented --perl-eval.
- perl: non-blocking anyevent support.
- perl: run tainted and ignore perl-eval/perl-lib if started
- free the resource database: this plugs a massive memory leak. As a
side effect, it also gets rid of XGetDefault calls.
- free one of the cursors, fixes a small memory leak.
- built-in (as opposed to terminfos) visual bell was broken/too fast.
- applied minor cleanups by Ladislav Michnovic.
- applied pty handling cleanups and improvements (Emanuele Giaquinta).
- mark-urls launch-on-click by jepler.
- removed "small" resource parsing function, as it wasn't really
compatible, and not really small either.
- removed PATH_ENV and PATH file search support.
- removed support for locale-specific app-defaults file.
- fixed a bug where out-of-bounds colour sequences could lead
to crashes.
- limit colour changing to the standard 88 palette instead of all
- XTerm_Color01 sequence returned wrong results in query mode.
- iom.C now checks against destructed io_manager when unregistering.
6.3 Wed Jan 4 22:37:10 CET 2006
- SECURITY FIX: on systems using openpty, permissions were
not correctly updated on the tty device and were left as
world-readable and world-writable (likely in original rxvt,
too), and were not restored properly. Affected are only
systems where non-unix ptys were used (such as most BSDs, not
GNU/Linux). (found, patched and debugged by Ryan Beasley).
- meta8 support was forcefully enabled in most configurations.
restored configurability of this (useless) feature (reported
by Mikachu).
- optionally embed a perl interpreter, which can be used for more
intelligent/customized selection support, visual feedback,
menus, tabs etc. See the the urxvtperl manpage, the -pe option,
perl*-resources and keysym resources. Not everything is there yet.
- try to be more clever about differing font sizes and their ascent.
Not guarenteed to work, but works better in most cases now.
- fix directory permissions on install.
- implemented option to disable built-in line drawing characters
and fall back to the font ones (patch by Martin Pohlack).
- disabled sched_yield support: the linux version is just too useless
(it schedules nice'd processes before the own one for extended
periods). Too bad, it could reduce system time by a factor of 5 here.
6.2 Mon Jan 2 16:03:01 CET 2006
- implemented intensityStyles option which enables/disables bold/blink
selecting high intensity foreground/background colours, suggested by
Chuck Blake.
- move iso14755 character feedback box out of the way if it would
obscure the mouse cursor position.
- replaced callback.h by a fixed version from gvpe that correctly
returns the callback result (affects new -pty-fd semantics in urxvtc
on a few architectures). Reported by darix.
- include one trailing space in rectangular selections to indicate
the inserted newline (yeah, weird, but visually more pleasing).
- try to use sched_yield to (drastically) improve terminal data
transfer efficiency.
- further minor cleanups.
6.1 Tue Dec 27 13:23:40 CET 2005
- update iso8859-7 table (euro and drachma round-trip et al.).
- fix a crash when the selection scrolls out of the scrollback
while the user still drags.
- selections that were partially scrolled out of the window were
not drawn correctly.
- lines newly scrolled in were not initialized properly, leading
to extremely long lines and (hopefully) some segfaults.
- iso14755 overlay position was wrong.
- iso14755 overlay now displays rendition info, too.
- use unicode white space class instead of hardcoded values for
stripping whitespace.
- do whitespace stripping on rectangular selections.
- slight cleanups in src/features.h.
6.0 Sat Dec 24 13:58:56 CET 2005
- make it compile without SMART_RESIZE again.
- enable slow link support by default.
- fix relative cursor-positioning not respecting scrolling regions
(also a bug in original rxvt).
- initialize termios structure to zero when fetching it fails
(see for a
partial patch).
- bump max columns/rows to 10000 each.
- bump max savelines to 10000000.
- -pty-fd now passes the urxvtc fd to the urxvtd process.
- avoid linking against -lnsl/-lsocket/-lxpg4 unless neccessary.
- major code cleanup (still not complete, though).
- implement -hold option.
- _major_ rewrite of internal buffer handling:
- re-flow on resize, lines get wrapped instead of winged.
- circular line buffer (substantially speeds up scrolling).
- slightly less code + data memory usage per terminal.
- slight overall speed improvements.
- considerably improved code clarity.
- partial-screen scrolls no longer end up in the scrollback
5.9 Sat Dec 17 21:53:17 CET 2005
- fix a bug in the menu code of unknown impact, found by darix.
- clean up signal handling to be global, not per terminal
(matters only for rxvtd).
- fix small typoe in rxvt.1 (found by Mike Fabian).
- don't crash when broken xft/fontconfig/freetype versions return
bogus data, ignore the xft font instead (experienced on suse).
5.8 Tue Oct 25 22:21:45 CEST 2005
- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: many configure options are now on by default.
If you want the old behaviour, try:
configure --disable-everything <your enable options>
- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: -fade changed it's meaning to comply with
the documentation and common sense: when upgrading, replace your
percentage by 100-percentage.
- integrated "fade to specific colour" patch by Martin Parm.
- slow down the internal visual bell (delay by 20ms) and update
the terminfo flash code to use the same delay. This is
synchronous, so many bells might inhibit screen updates in other
- text with background==foreground colour gets displayed with default
bg/fg now when in reverse video, so it can be seen when selecting.
- allow koi8r* as x11 encoding name for koi8r (Nikita Danilov).
- removed undocumented inheritPixmapforce option.
- replaced INSTALL file.
5.7 Wed Jul 13 04:46:33 CEST 2005
- implement some useful (hopefully) options for rxvtd.
- separate and improved rxvtc(1) and rxvtd(1) manpages.
- fix a bug that caused segfaults on startup on systems that do
not support local unix connections, e.g cygwin. (btw, I didn't
even know about the -rootless and -multiwindow Cygwin/X modes).
- large amounts of text without control sequences or newlines
could almost freeze output. This has been fixed by adding extra
refreshes in these cases (also a problem in original rxvt).
5.6 Sun Jun 26 22:11:13 CEST 2005
- R_SB_RXVT bitset value was 0, so rxvt scrollbar was initialised
every time resulting in display errors (original rxvt also affected).
Reported by Jasmin Buchert.
- font names are now considered to be utf-8 encoded (xft apperently
uses this convention. X Core fonts might not, but it should be rare).
Affects display in iso14755 box.
- rewrote the low-level xft drawing function ("xft backend" for the
hipper parts of the world) to hopefully cope better with proportional
chars mixed with fixed-width ones.
- rxvt is now much more careful (read: slower) with potentially
overlapping xft characters. It usually overshoots and redraws
more than required, but that's better than undershooting and
cutting pieces off of characters.
- rxvt is now more restrictive in what font heights it accepts for
fonts that will likely overshoot or undershoot lines.
- fix a cosmetic problem with the unfocused cursor on a wide character
at the end of the line (reported by Mikachu).
- wide characters not fitting into the end of the line will be
output in the next line (reported by Mikachu).
- added doc/solaris9.patch by Ewgenij Starostin.
5.5 Sat Apr 23 22:31:36 CEST 2005
- re-enabled modifer state matching as in 5.3, but implement
a new builtin: keysym style that simply reverts to the built-in
meaning of the given key.
- use scrollcolor for next scrollbar instead of hardcoded antiquewhite
(patch by Martin Edlman).
5.4 Mon Apr 18 00:33:31 CEST 2005
- match modifier state exactly in custom keyboard code.
this is necessary because it has no knowledge about
built-in mappings and so will overwrite them. the priority-code
will be re-enabled when this has changed, so watch out.
- cursor blinking now depends on frills.
- underline cursor mode (frills, -uc).
- implement special value (*g*) for pointerBlankDelay
to disable it.
5.3 Sun Mar 13 00:20:44 CET 2005
- fix a bug that allowed to overflow a buffer via a long
escape sequence, which is probably exploitable (fix by
Rob Holland / Yoann Vandoorselaere / Gentoo Audit Team).
- Custom key mappings no longer confuse mouse buttons
with modifiers.
- use XmbSetWMProperties instead of XSetWMProperties.
- properly update WM_LOCALE.
- implement _NET_WM_PING protocol.
- implemented escape sequences to move the scrollback buffer view
and clear the scrollback buffer.
5.2 Sun Feb 20 01:48:59 CET 2005
- new option -pty-fd that makes the terminal a slave
that uses an existing pty for I/O instead of starting
a command.
- implement enough of XEMBED to allow for correct focus.
- added doc/embed-tk, an embedding example in Perl/Tk,
and doc/rxvt-tabbed, a primitive tabbed shell implemented
in Perl/Gtk2.
- fix assertion failure ("crash") on mousewheel-scrolling
when the terminal height is small, by removing the assert.
(reported by Mikael Magnusson=Mikachu).
- SYNCCVS. backported bugfixes done to rxvt
(sourceforge bugs #1028739, #1028732), except for
pts/%s fix as it seems to collide with freebsd,
and sourceforge bug #954654, which is not neccessary.
- change terminfo file to not clobber G1 when using
line-drawing characters, as this seems to mess
with EUC-JP (it will clobber G0, but G0 practically
needs to be US-ASCII all the time).
- toggle default application keypad/cursor mode to help
some apps who fail to set the correct mode.
- check for WM_PROTOCOLS type in ClientMessage as to
not destroy the window for other types of messages.
- remove shared library (or any library) support - it is
of no use currently (and -embed is a better way to embed
- get rid of the intpro files.
5.1 Tue Feb 15 17:13:27 CET 2005
- fix a bug when parsing fontnames and another one
for empty keymaps which could result in crashes
(Kuang-che Wu).
- new option: -embed (frills). somebody could write a simple
tk script to make a tab'able terminal now...
- only warn on X errors and _try_ to continue (frills).
- add COPYING back, which got lost somehow.
- after deciding that LSM is dead, remove all traces of it,
along with other, similar, cleanups.
- _try_ to react sensibly to some non-monotonic time changes.
- don't crash in urxvtc when getcwd fails (reported by Paco-Paco).
- tweak font searching algorithm a bit to be faster and more
compatible with older rxvt-unicode versions when multiple fonts
match (reported by Paco-Paco).
- urxvtd tries to stay in "/" whenever possible.
5.0 Fri Feb 11 18:31:48 CET 2005
- document a race-free hack to start urxvtd.
- document all(?) environment variables used and set by rxvt.
- bring xgetdefault-style resource file ordering more in line with
Xt, and document it in rxvt(1).
- correctly use screen-dependent resources when --enable-xgetdefault,
and also fix some memory bugs (thanks to Thierry Reding for
his patience and time in tracking this down).
- bring own resource parsing more in line with X resource parsing,
most notably, don't remove double quotes.
- compile fix for freebsd (no ut_id) (Thierry Thomas).
- clean up utmp and pty on X I/O errors and signals (idea
by Joël Riou).
- "un"document -xrm, it never really worked, was only
available with --enable-xgetdefault, is not necessary
and is surprisingly hard to implement.
- shaved off some code segment size.
- various code cleanups.
- more keysym-mapping fixes.
4.9 Thu Feb 3 09:52:03 CET 2005
- nuke out utmp entries completely. Should be fixed in
original rxvt, too. (reported by James Michael Fultz).
- resizes wil now correctly refresh the displayed text when
-pixmap is active.
- new option/resource imFont.
- document --tripleclickwords/-tcw.
- select logical instead of physical lines when doing a triple-click.
- reordered help listing to group similar options together.
- handle SIGINT the same way as SIGTERM (reported by Joël Riou).
- fix a bug introduced while applying the keyboard patch
(WU Fengguang).
- document all window-op sequences (rxvt.7.) and more keysym
examples (rxvt.1).
- removed src/test completely.
- renamed keysym 'proto:'-prefix to 'command:'.
4.8 Tue Jan 18 02:23:57 CET 2005
- added a patch by WU Fengguang that makes the keyboard
highly configurable (e.g. locale changes, custom escape
sequences, and more). See keysym resource in rxvt(1).
- remove default key sequence for unknown keys again, as this
can be achieved by customizing the keyboard now.
- fix some freeing problems when destroying the rxvt_display,
resulting in segfaults.
- don't crash when the saved cursor position doesn't fit on the
screen (wrong assert in original rxvt, reported by ikaro).
- fix signed/unsigned bugs on wc<->mb conversions.
- reset slipwheel scrolling speed when reaching the top or bottom
(Mikael Magnusson).
- for core fonts, use ascent + descent when a font is loaded,
and PIXEL_SIZE when not. when loading a font, iterate until a
font has been found that _really_ fits the height (reported and
tested by Olivier Wittenberg).
- set IUTF8 input flag, when defined (linux-2.6.5+).
- only define _XOPEN_SOURCE on solaris.
- autogenerate src/* dependency list.
- fixed linespace option, which ought to work now (and is dependent
on frills, not on it's own configure option).
- include pty.h, if available (cygwin).
- removed W11 directory from dist, it wasn't used anyway.
- initialize the locale much earlier.
- fixed two tiny per-instance memory leaks.
4.7 Wed Dec 29 20:54:24 CET 2004
- fix a bug in the event logic that could cause the temrinal to be
black on initial startup.
- do NOT call XCloseIM, ever. This causes way to many crashes due to
races in the protocol and within Xlib.
- map iso-left-tab to the same sequence as shift-tab.
- generate a unique escape sequence for many unknown keys, such as
additional multimedia keys.
- mask out high (non-unicode) bits on wide characters, to cope with
implementations that store tag info in the high bits.
4.6 Thu Dec 16 07:54:23 CET 2004
- try very hard not to exhaust the kernel tty buffers, even
if it slows down large pastes and is only cosmetic.
- streamline atom and xft color allocation to reduce startup
time (12.8s -> 7.8s on my dsl). Still, doing it with only 2-3
turnarounds would be much faster, but impossible to implement(?).
- implement underlineColor resource when ENABLE_FRILLS.
- iom left it's signal pipe handle open in the child
process. Fortunately not security-relevant as the pipe data gets
- do not use XSETROOTPMAP_ID anymore, support ESETROOT_PMAP_ID
- fix a crash in rxvtd when the last window was being closed
(reported by hednod).
- fix an unlikely memory leak.
- fix atom name enumeration.
4.5 Mon Dec 13 07:47:16 CET 2004
- fix an extremely nasty bug in utf8-conversion. upgrade is advised.
- completely re-wrote selection pasting. This should fix garbled
incomplete characters at 32k boundaries and too-short INCR
selections, and more. Increases memory requirements considerably
for large selections, but that seems unavoidable.
4.4 Sun Dec 12 22:10:06 CET 2004
- rewrote handling of default-char width.
- implement _NET_WM_NAME et al., and also use UTF8_STRING
for the xterm property esc. sequence. Allows i18n window
titles etc.
- SMART_WINDOW_TITLE removed, pls. complain if you need this.
- added GBK encoding (formidable patch by WU Fengguang).
- fixed a bug in the transparency code.
- upgraded iom.[Ch].
- force slower (but more responsive) transparency update.
- fix off-by-one bug with wide characters at the end of a line,
which got partially overwritten by spaces.
- as xlib is completely broken with respect to utf-8 handling
and nobody is going to fix it, that part has been re-implemented.
should fix most paste problems between apps that use UTF8 encoding
and rxvt running in a lesser-supported locale (thanks to Robin Redeker
for writing utf8towcs). Only enabled with ENABLE_FRILLS.
- darwin compile fix by Ethan Blanton.
- fix the colour of the underline, which was rather random before.
4.3 Sat Dec 4 04:58:37 CET 2004
- unapply the "emulated graphical chars. respect wcwidth" patch.
obviously in locales not having these characters they should
still have a width. Solve it correctly by not relying on wcwidth.
Note to self: do not ever apply patches without checking them
- updated .spec file, it's included in the release tarball
now, too.
4.2 Wed Dec 1 03:30:22 CET 2004
- make emulated graphical characters respect wcwidth (Kuang-che Wu).
- remove debugging code that caused major slowdowns
on high-latency networks.
- wide characters shift the correct number of characters
in insert mode now. Reported by Gunnar Ritter.
- doc/rxvt-unicode.spec file contributed by Ville Herva.
- make storage of tab movements as characters optional
on the -ptab option and pastableTabs: resource. On request
by Gunnar Ritter.
- fix a bug where :size= argument for xft fonts was ignored
or used incorrectly. Reported by Ville Herva.
4.1 Sun Nov 21 21:10:19 CET 2004
- save and restore cursor position in secondary screen regardless of
-ssc/-ssr settings.
- fix some 64-bit bugs that lead to crashes with certain other
programs like vncviewer (original rxvt also affected).
- added doc/podtbl to the dist tarball.
- add compile fix for darwin.
- configure fix for transparency without tinting.
- changed CN to ZH _really_ everywhere.
- upgraded iom.[Ch].
4.0 Mon Sep 13 01:10:26 CEST 2004
- turn off autohinting for some badly-hinted fallback fonts.
- mnaapge tpyo crorcetoins by Bastian Kleineidam.
- implemented rectangular selections (button+meta), experimental.
- implement race-free signal handling in iom.C.
- use iom.C signal handling to avoid races in signal handling.
- use default action on SIGINT and SIGQUIT, instead of terminating.
- "the return of the 100 times per second refresh bug".
... terminated by a fix.
- new supported preeeditType "None".
- added FAQ about possible compose key problems.
- changed CN to ZH everywhere (sorry for the confusion).
- move XFilterEvent up, as some input method seem to want events
for windows not requesting XIM. Please report if this change
causes any harm (specially with pointerblanking)
(patch by Kuang-che Wu).
- send the input method spot position on every refresh, not just
when rxvt thinks it should (which was not often enough...).
- fix double-wide combining characters (it might look a bit ugly,
though, but common cases are handled by normalization anyways).
- moved FAQ to rxvt(7), also made a copy into README.FAQ.
- fix a bug(?) in the XIM destroy callback.
- be more conservative when trying to register new input methods,
as Xlib races might make rxvt crash. When two or more
input methods are active, killing one probably still crashes rxvt
due to that bug :( Thanks a lot to Kuang-che Wu for immense help
in tracking this down.
- manpages (but not .txt and .html versions) will be patched (during
make install) with the correct program name and other info.
3.9 Wed Aug 25 19:24:04 CEST 2004
- the change to unsigned int from unsigned short broke
many signed comparisons, resulting in failed assertions.
3.8 Wed Aug 25 05:46:56 CEST 2004
- WARNING: TERM=rxvt-unicode is now *default* unless compiled
differently. A terminfo entry will automatically be compiled and
installed if tic is available.
- fixed some --disable switches that didn't work.
- tweaked src/features.h a bit.
- removed README.unicode.
- support select&paste of tab characters.
- fixed a segfault when trying to load nonexistant fonts (reported
by Eduard Bloch and Mikael Magnusson).
- fixed a long-standing rxvt bug in which rxvt failed to save
and restore the correct cursor position on the secondary screen.
- reworked rxvt-unicode terminfo to allow more efficient and less flickering
screen updates with curses.
- wide characters that are being halfway overwritten are now replaced
by spaces.
- urxvtc now transmits urxvt as default name, not urxvtc anymore
(likewise for other names chosen at configure time).
- disabled the automatic font lookup for unknown characters. xft
is just too slow for this to work.
- changed realbold code, implemented _real_ bold and italic support,
where _real_ means the symbiosis of what I want with what I can
implement. use --enable-styles.
- removed 256 color mode, but enable 88 colours in all modes
(88 to be compatible with 88 colour xterm which is widely
supported, and most programs assume a non-iso colourtable
for terminals with "odd" number of colours).
- added doc/etc/rxvt-unicode.terminfo which is a big overhaul
compared to the old rxvt terminfo.
- sped up xft rendering by 30% *iff* the font allows it (i.e. is
monospaced "enough") *and* matches the base font in width.
- implement positive and negative character-font caching, which
speeds up output immensely in case a character cannot be found
(only for non-bold right now).
- fix segfault in fading code on certain escape sequences.
- better default font size and style.
- rxvt-unicode is now much more picky about fonts not fitting
into the base font, but to offset this it will check each
single character against the base font extents and will only
use the characters fitting into the bounding box (+ some fudge).
- characters not fitting into the base boundary box will now often
be used anyways, but the following characters will be redrawn
more often to avoid pixel-droppings. This is like the original
rxvt pixel-dropping pass but it's much faster.
- scrollColor now affects plain scrollbar (Mikael Magnusson).
- fixed segfault in overlay code when height was larger than the
screen height.
- cursor no longer shines "through" the overlay.
- 7-bit ST marker detection was broken.
- scrollbar didn't come back sometimes when switching it
off/on using escape sequences (Mikael Magnusson).
- fix lots of colour problems with focus fading.
- $COLORFGBG was not set as documented.
- fix iso 14755 5.1 support when --enable-frills but --disable-iso14755.
- removed OSC 702.
- disabled MOUSE_REPORT_DOUBLECLICK by default, as programs seem to be
confused by it rather than using it.
3.7 Tue Aug 17 04:22:25 CEST 2004
- new configure option --enable-iso14755.
- full iso 14755 conformance (at least I claim so :).
- extended the FAQ section in the manpage.
- fix OverTheSpot and OffTheSpot editing, which was broken since ages,
due to no fontset being available. The fontset used is a very rough
approximation to the rxvt font, though. This fixes the
"cannot create input context" in most cases.
- fix coordinates used for Over && OffTheSpot editing to fit directly
at the cursor (Over) or into the top line (Off).
- reset SIGHUP and SIGPIPE handlers to default values (they were
previously being ignored, causing programs not to exit on windoe
- implemented simple overlays for feedback messages. believe it or
not, this was a major blocker in implementing tabbed terminals.
- fix compiling with --disable-frills (Adam Sampson).
- clarify bold docs in README.unicode (Adam Sampson).
- fix crash on window close when the input method or context
could not be created.
- add work around for badly written programs (see debian bug
#202497). This is _not_ a bug in rxvt but rather a race
condition in other programs (e.g. jed). It works by forcefully
sending SIGWINCH when rxvt sees the first output from the
command. This workaround isn't perfect (a slight cost to
wellbehaving programs who need to resize twice), but it usually
- set correct pixel size in struct winsize.
- document more escape sequences.
- fix leftover macros and a few minor doc glitches in rxvt(1).
- work around bash's assumption that stepping into the middle of a
character is a sensible operation.
- fix some corner cases in autowrap handling.
- remove various useless make cruft, renamed files to better
reflect on their function, renamed many variables.
- fixed printscreen functionality, as noted by Jinesh Choksi.
- fix a problem where redraws of double-width characters sometimes
made the last character draw with normal width (especially visible
with selections).
3.6 Sat Aug 14 04:55:26 CEST 2004
- SECURITY FIX: rxvtd kept open filehandles to other terminal
windows when spawning children. Actual risk is low (attacker
needs access to a local shell window).
- implemented parts 5.1 and 5.2 of ISO 14755 (i.e. hold down
Ctrl+Shift and enter hex numbers. space commits it as a unicode
character, or press and release Crl+Shift and then enter a
function key to get it's picture). patches for 5.3 (or 5.4 with
a little window or so) would be welcome.
- fixed large pastes (INCR selections, debian bug #191456).
- fixed longstanding bug in which rxvtd crashed when
a message was logged after startup (a rare case).
- got rid of yodl completely by converting to pod.
- integrated the FAQ into the manpage. In the future, more will be
added there.
- reference documentation is now installed as rxvt(7).
- rxvt(7) now contains README.configure, which is autogenerated.
- fix memory leak in insecure mode on certain display echos.
- report sequences now report empty strings in secure mode
instead of being ignored.
- enable some report sequences even in secure mode, such as colour
queries, as they are harmless(tm).
- rxvt-unicode will now try to find a matching xft font if it can't
find a matching font from the fallback list. It might look ugly,
but if a xft font with our character exists, rxvt will find it.
- moved FreeMono to the very back of the fallback list, as some
people complain it looks ugly. This is a no-win situation, though.
- fixed sourceforge bug 998970, reported against aterm:
"crash on -sl 0 on super small windows".
- decreased memory and code size when !--enable-transparency.
- SYNCCVS. backported changes done to rxvt, except for Color_ufbg,
which I think is better done through fading, and libW11, which
needs testing anyways.
- more complete compile options help output.
- Provide linear scaled colour cubes for 256 colour mode.
Pass them through as rgbi rather than rgb so that Xlib can
provide gamma (from per visual intensity lists) rather than
providing constant gamma ourselves. Noticed by and ideas from
Christopher Casey <>
- minor doc fix.
3.5 Wed Aug 11 00:31:34 CEST 2004
- UPGRADE ADVISED: rxvt did wake up 100 times per second. did not
show in my top (linux...), but it's extremely annoying that I
released it with that bug. :( Fixed.
- use memove instead of for-loop for large scrollback buffer copies.
speeds up large scrollback buffers (on systems with reasonable
memmove :)
- minor cleanups.
- removed ~ from default cutchars, in accordance with the manpage
(debian bug #169415).
- fix a race condition on exit (debian bug #197265).
- change prio/next scrolling modifier handling (debian bug #226386).
- updated configure script to current autoconf standards.
- updated config.guess.
3.4 Fri Aug 6 19:34:29 CEST 2004
- fix inheritpixmap transparency border code.
- fix tinting transparency border code, also experimentally
make some scrollbars transparent (e.g. plain, my favourite style :).
- imported aterm shading code (faster and still portable).
- changed interpretation and usage of shading (-sh).
- fixed blinking underlined and negative text.
- disable slow link support on connections using unix domain sockets,
speeding up scrolling immensely.
- various other optimizations.
- new borderLess switch (ewmh-compliant), by Mikael Magnusson.
3.3 Sat Jul 31 15:15:59 CEST 2004
- some doc updates (Eduard Bloch).
- use faster inheritpixmap method when tinting color not set.
- fix pixmap offset when tinting (reported by Eduard Bloch).
- new -sh option by Mikael Magnusson.
- off-focus-fading (--enable-fading) support (patch by
Mikael Magnusson, based on aterm code).
- cursor now set correctly on --disable-blank (reported by
Mikael Magnusson).
- better (and non-crashing) slipwheeling (Mikael Magnusson).
- solaris 2.8 portability changes (reported by Colin Marquardt).
- disable-xim now really disables xim code.
3.2 Mon Jul 26 19:57:32 CEST 2004
- support real bold fonts (patch by Adam Sampson <>),
if specified in the font list (and enabled by -rb).
- fixed --enable-keepscrolling and --enable-selectionscrolling, which
was broken since 1.8. Patch by Hans de Goede <>.
- fixed --enable-slipwheeling, see above.
- sequences ended by ST can now contain any octet by quoting it
with ^V (SYN).
- 8-bit-controls disabled by default (compiletime option).
3.1 Sat Jun 26 23:38:07 CEST 2004
- set default backspace sequence to "DEC" (which defaults to \177)
as opposed to \010 as before, which was incorrect (ahem :).
- updated doc/etc/rxvt.* to reflect the change. This brings rxvt
in line with many existing rxvt terminfo and termcap entries as
well as with other terminal emulators.
- fix a segfault when trying to set a nonexistant locale
(reported by elmex).
- find more fonts by default for japanese.
- the internal border wasn't always cleared. This is fixed by moving
the window relative to it's frame and simplifies a lot of code, too.
- fixed quite hard to find scrollbar colour bug, reported by Eduard
3.0 Mon May 10 20:47:23 CEST 2004
- experimental flickerfree resize mode (I tried to get even
less flickering with SouthWestGravity but couldn't get it to work,
- c++-ify (or at least make it compile with g++-3.4, which should
make it a little bit more correct c++).
2.9 Sat May 8 19:13:41 CEST 2004
- fix some minor doc issues + some generated doc files are now
getting distributed (closes debian bug #246035).
- minor i18n issue fixes.
2.8 Thu Apr 8 22:44:36 CEST 2004
- replace PF_LOCAL by PF_UNIX (portability).
- try to detect -lnsl and -lsocket (portability).
- fix some minor bugs.
2.7 Mon Apr 5 02:11:15 CEST 2004
- this version should now work fine with TERM=xterm, except
for the keymappings.
- don't leave the X or rxvtd sockets open in child processes.
(inherited fd's stay open - different to rxvt).
- xterm-compat: implemented OSC3, set/get window property. get is
an extension and is slightly ugly.
- removed --disable-swapscreen and SCROLL_ON_NO_SECONDARY and
replaced them by runtime-configurable options secondaryScreen and
secondaryScroll (-ssr and -ssc) (see debian bug #237673).
- close down terminal window when child exits. (debian bug #241267).
- xterm-compat: enable seperate mouse bg colour setting.
- re-enable mouse cursor colours again, fixing colours when fg/bg are
overwritten (as is common).
- xterm-compat: correctly implement privmodes 1047, 1048, 1049.
- ported to solaris by
2.6 Fri Apr 2 03:24:10 CEST 2004
- minor doc corrections.
- WARNING: changed menu sequence from ESC ] 10 to ESC ] 703 to
avoid clashes with xterm.
- changed OSC701/OSC702 sequence to return standard escaped reports.
- xterm-compat: make set window colour and other requests report
window colour when arg is "?".
- enable colour tinting of "transparent" backgrounds.
- stop ST sequences earlier, as we now react on 0x90 and thus
cause conditions more often that look like locks but are, in
fact, just rxvt waiting for a ST/BEL etc.
- re-enabled most of the "dangerous" echo escapes, but only
when -insecure is specified as option or resource (see reference).
- disables sleep(1) on transparency updates on default.
- fixes to make it compile better on solaris 2.9 (at least).
asprintf replacement is still missing(!).
- set _NET_WM_PID.
2.5 Sun Mar 28 04:05:51 CEST 2004
- the usual sprinkled little code cleanups.
- support more 8-bit controls.
- more informative error messages.
- fix some minor memleaks and possible memory corruptions.
- the use of exception handling allowed the following improvements:
- no longer block when waiting for completion of escape sequences
(e.g. printf '\e';sleep 3;printf 'c' will no longer block).
- rxvtc usage errors should no longer kill rxvtd (debian bug #237510).
2.4 Tue Mar 16 07:06:51 CET 2004
- fix stupid double-free() bug on exit.
- implement xterm private mode 1049.
- fix manpages (debian bug #236824).
- removed old selection style completely.
- selection works _better_ for non-8-bit and double-width chars.
- remove native->unicode translation tables. they aren't used anymore.
reduces binary and distro size a bit.
- add string representation for JIS X 0213:2000 so these fonts can
be used from within rxvt.
- less buggy complete set of line-drawing-characters (0x2500-0x259f).
2.3 Sun Mar 14 19:00:07 CET 2004
- code cleanup release.
- fix compile problems without --enable-combining.
- fix segfault when DISPLAY cannot be opened.
MAX_NFONTS. UNICODE and UTF8 defines and references from
all files.
- default config now reads an app-defaults file even without
2.2 Thu Mar 11 01:41:56 CET 2004
- implement autocompositing of characters by either using an existing
precomposed unicode character or by graphical overlay. this is
also used to store characters >16bit without --enable-unicode3.
- selection now based on wchar_t, so that it can offer UTF-8
selections even in locales unable to represent full unicode.
- tis620-2529 is, of course, thai, not vietnamese...
- a typoe prevented characters >65535 to be stored properly.
- wcwidth is unreliable in non-unicode-locales on GNU/Linux.
working around this fixes line-drawing characters in non-utf-8 mode.
- improved rounding when emulating line-drawing characters.
- implement continuation lines in xresource parsing when
- changed locale-setting esc-sequence from code 9 to code 701.
also added 702 that returns the font selected for a specific
unicode character.
- no longer set CUT_BUFFER0. this is confusing and clients WILL
get it wrong.
- don't use XTextStyle for TEXT, instead use XStdICCTextStyle.
2.1 Wed Mar 3 21:48:39 CET 2004
- NOTE: the name of the binary and resources were changed in
this version, see README.configure if you want the old
- added plain "big5" encoding into CN.
- make cns11643 and big5* encodings actually visible to rxvt.
- fix a bug when a multibyte character fell onto a buffer boundary,
causing the incomplete character to be presented twice to
- more robust encoding name matching.
- fix cursor placement on multibyte characters.
- when overwriting wide with narrow chars, pad with spaces.
- fix various refresh and display issues for wide chars.
- remove multibyte_cursor hack (it was a hack) and associated
resources and docs.
- fixed memory corruption bug with XLFD fontname parsing.
2.0 Sun Feb 29 23:59:58 CET 2004
- do not blink text when background colour is not set explicitly.
- some doc cleanup
- configure cleanup
- viscii enabled by default
- better support for non-g++-3.2+ systems (tested with g++-2.95).
1.91 Fri Feb 27 03:57:44 CET 2004
- build fixes for !xft and !im, reported by various people.
1.9 Wed Feb 25 16:46:05 CET 2004
- fixed bug in plain scrollbar causing X errors in XCreateGC.
- implemented sharing of X connections. will be used to speed
up many x operations considerably. Also saves some memory.
- implemented caching of input methods. This immensely shortens
startup time for new terms in rxvtd. At least XFree86 4.3 is
rather broken with respect to input methods, though, so expect
crashes when you kill your input method (xterm et al. also crash).
- fix bugs in X flushing, causing an empty screen after startup.
- fix various memleaks in rxvtd.
- fix a bug that kept escape codes to be generated for some
keysyms that also have string translations, when not --enable-xim.
reported by joel reed.
- re-enabled esc-seq. for font-switching (\033 ] 50 ; <fontset> \007).
- re-enabled menubar (experimental!).
- fix bug in locale-handling that kept the correct locale from
being selected.
- implemented esc-seq. to switch locales (\033 ] 9 ; <locale> \007).
- removed greek support.
- allow NUL bytes (ctrl-@) to be entered even with XIM enabled.
- correct cursor width if !focus.
- fixed --enable-xgetdefault, reported by eduard bloch.
- added manpage for rxvtc/rxvtd based on the one eduard bloch
- use reverse video for normal bold text unless colorBD has been set.
- fixed endless loop when selection is valid but empty.
- changed default terminal name to "rxvt".
- many other minor bugfixes.
1.8 Mon Feb 2 20:09:18 CET 2004
- almost total conversion to C++. Except for introducing
new bugs, this should not change much.
- fix and re-enable background pixmap and inherit pixmap support.
- re-enabled multiple scrollbar support.
- added plain scrollbar style and restored xterm scrollbar.
- blinking and selections work slightly better now.
- fix an error condition when rxvt receives more than one screenful
of output. should occur with original rxvt, too, but very rarely.
(I guess the code contains more surprises of this sort...)
1.7 Fri Jan 30 16:50:11 CET 2004
- further cleanups.
- never do last-minute-changes: restore ability to have
color + bold as high-intensity, and let the selection
use reverse video, not _blink_.
- remove OPTION_HC, at least temporarily. If you want it back,
please drop me a note.
1.6 Fri Jan 30 00:34:01 CET 2004
- cleanups, minor bugfixes.
- blinking text.
- normal text color + bold gets white text instead of
normal text when colorBD is not set.
(- support double-wide characters (by blocking).)
was never implemented
1.5 Thu Jan 29 00:43:48 CET 2004
- share io manager between rxvt-unicode and vpe
- bugfix for --disable-utmp, reported by fefe himself
- colors were sometimes not used correctly because
parts of the code expected a monochrome display.
reported by fefe
- make it compile without pointer_blank, reported by
Markus Demleitner
- improved selection support, now supports UTF8_STRING
and properly encodes CUT_BUFFER0 in iso-8859-1
- completely removed non-working graphics mode
1.4 Fri Jan 16 23:03:22 CET 2004
- fix stupid segfault on esc-c
- small font tunings
- much better io manager, fewer bugs, higher speed
- better error reporting for unknown options
1.3 2003-12-26
- fix a bug in font height selection
- autoscale scalable x11 fonts
- slow-mode xft rendering centers characters
- much faster x11 font selection
1.2 2003-12-24
- fix another segfault-on-resize-bug from the original rxvt
- better font matching
- better memory management (less memory)
- new fallback: gnu freefont
1.1 2003-12-18
- Support for XIM in other than the current locale.
- Support for non-utf-8-locales
- much improved font choosing
1.0 2003-12-18
- first release
- originally cloned from rxvt-CVS 2003-11-19 00:26
- removed rclock et al.
- initial conversion to C++