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	add support for all enable options marked with an asterisk listed
	in "./configure --help".  Note that unlike other enable options this
	is order dependant.  You can specify this and then disable options
	which this enables by _following_ this with the appropriate
	add support for xft (anti-aliases, among others) fonts. xft fonts are
        slower and require lots of memory, but as long as you don't use them,
        you don't pay for them.
	compile in support for additional codeset groups:
        jp	common japanese encodings
        jp_ext	rarely used but big japanese encodings
        kr	korean encodings
        cn	common chinese encodings
        cn_ext	rarely used but very big chinese encodigs
        vn	vietnamese (not well-supported, though)
        all	all of the above.
	enable support for unicode codepoints above 65535 (the basic
        multilingual page). This increases storage requirements per character
        from 2 to 4 bytes and is not too useful as font support in X11 and Xft
        is largely missing, although cut & paste will work correctly, as will
        displaying, if you have the right font(s).
	write user and tty to utmp file (used by programs like ``w'') at
	start of rxvt execution and delete information when rxvt exits.
	write user and tty to wtmp file (used by programs like ``last'') at
	start of rxvt execution and write logout when rxvt exits.  This
	option requires --enable-utmp to also be specified.
	write user and tty to lastlog file (used by programs like
	``lastlogin'') at start of rxvt execution.  This option requires
	--enable-utmp to also be specified.
 	add support for XPM background pixmaps
	add support for inheriting parent backgrounds thus giving a fake
	transparency to the term
	add support for our menu bar system
	add support for our graphics mode (see src/graphics)
	add support for the original rxvt scrollbar
	add support for a NeXT-like scrollbar
	add support for an Xterm-like scrollbar
	make shadows on the scrollbar only half the normal width & height.
	only applicable to rxvt scrollbars
	add support for XIM (X Input Method) protocol. This allows using
	alternative input methods (e.g. kinput2) and will also correctly
	set up the input for people using dead keys or compose keys.
	add support for greek keyboard
	change tty device setting to group "tty" - only use this if
        your system uses this type of security
	disable any handling of the backspace key by us - let the X server
	do it
	disable any handling of the delete key by us - let the X server
	do it
	remove all resources checking
	make resources checking via XGetDefault() instead of our small
	version which only checks ~/.Xdefaults, or if that doesn't exist
	then ~/.Xresources
	add support for our possibly faster memset() function and other
	various routines, overriding your system's versions which may
	have been hand-crafted in assembly or may require extra libraries
	to link in.  (This has header problems on some Linux systems).
	remove support for swap screen
	add support for some lesser used features
	add support to provide user specified line spacing between text rows
	add support for continual scrolling of the display when you hold
	the mouse button down on a scrollbar arrow
	add support for scrolling via mouse wheel or buttons 4 & 5
	add support for continual scrolling (using the mouse wheel as an
	accelerator) while the control key is held down.  This option
	requires --enable-mousewheel to also be specified.
	remove support for reverting the mouse selection style to that
	of v2.20 (and prior)
	remove support for mouse selection style like that of xterm
	use Gray Watson's malloc - which is good for debugging
	See  for details
        If you use either this or the next option, you may need to
	edit src/Makefile after compiling to point DINCLUDE and DLIB to
	the right places.
        You can only use either this option and the following (should
	you use either) 
	use Doug Lea's malloc - which is good for a production version
	See  for details
	add smart growth/shrink behaviour when changing font size
	via from hot keys.  This should keep in a fixed position the
	rxvt corner which is closest to a corner of the screen
        add support for 256 colours rather than the base 16 colours
	add support for a blinking cursor
	add support to have the pointer disappear when typing or inactive
	change the environmental variable for the terminal to NAME
	(default "xterm")
	change the environmental variable for the path to the terminfo
	tree to PATH
	use the X Window System (pretty much default, eh?)
	look for the XPM includes in DIR
	look for the XPM library in DIR
	not needed - define via --enable-xpm-background
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