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tizian - better chrooting with containers


To install it run:

sudo make install

It's possible to disable AppArmor and S.A.R.A. by passing respectively NO_APPARMOR=1 and NO_SARA=1 to make.

To uninstall it run:

sudo make uninstall

If you are on Debian/Ubuntu, you can also build a .deb package:

make deb
sudo dpkg -i pkgs/tizian_*.deb


usage: tizian [-q|--quiet] create [-i|--ip-prefix IP_PREFIX] [-c|--cpu-shares CPU_SHARES]
                                  [-C|--cpu-perc CPU_PERC] [-b|--blkio-weight BWEIGHT]
                                  [-f|--max-fds MAX_FDS] [-p|--max-pids MAX_PIDS]
                                  [-m|--max-mem MAX_MEM] [-n|--disable-net]
                                  [-s|--disable-sara] [-I|--init-only]
                                  [-M|--no-proc-mount] [-u|--uid UID] [-e|--cmd CMD]
                                  [-E|--init-cmd INIT_CMD] [-P|--init-profile APPARMOR_PROFILE]
                                  [-d|--intermediate-profile APPARMOR_PROFILE]
                                  [-a|--cmd-profile APPARMOR_PROFILE]
                                  [-U|--userns-slot SLOT] [-B|--background] <PATH>
tizian [-q|--quiet] attach [-s|--disable-sara] [-u|--uid UID] [-e|--cmd CMD]
                           [-a|--cmd-profile CMD_APPARMOR_PROFILE] <ID>
tizian [-q|--quiet] list
tizian [-q|--quiet] delete <ID>
tizian [-q|--quiet] ps <ID>
tizian [-q|--quiet] wipe
tizian [-h|--help]

tizian: better chrooting with containers

optional arguments:
-h, --help                                      Show this help message and exit
-q, --quiet                                     Suppress any output.
-B, --background                                run in background (implies -I and -q)
-i, --ip-prefix IP_PREFIX                       Set an IPv4 prefix in the format '',
                                                it doesn't need to be unique across containers
                                                (default: '10.0.0.').
-c, --cpu-shares CPU_SHARES                     Minimum numbers of cpu shares (1024 == 1 cpu)
                                                for this container when system is busy (default:
-C, --cpu-perc CPU_PERC                         Maximum cpu usage percentage even when system is
                                                idle (default: 50).
-b, --blkio-weight BWEIGHT                      blkio CFQ weight (default: 0 - disabled).
-f, --max-fds MAX_FDS                           Maximum, per-process, number of open fds (default:
-p, --max-pids MAX_PIDS                         Maximum number of pids (default: 1024).
-m, --max-mem MAX_MEM                           Max memory usage allowed, with swap, it gets doubled
                                                (default: 1073741824).
-n, --disable-net                               No network access.
-s, --disable-sara                              Do not enforce S.A.R.A. LSM memory protections.
-I, --init-only                                 Only run init. Do not execute any command.
-M, --no-proc-mount                             Do not mount /proc and /dev/pts.
-u, --uid UID                                   UID (default: 0).
-e, --cmd CMD                                   The command to execute inside the container
                                                (default: the user shell according to /etc/passwd).
-E, --init-cmd INIT_CMD                         The init program to run (default: a minimal built-in
                                                init process).
-P, --init-profile APPARMOR_PROFILE             AppArmor profile for init (default: 'tizian_init', use 'none' to
-d, --intermediate-profile APPARMOR_PROFILE     AppArmor profile for intermediate process (default:
                                                'tizian_intermediate', use 'none' to disable).
-a, --cmd-profile APPARMOR_PROFILE              AppArmor profile for the command to execute (default: none).
-U, --userns-slot SLOT                          UID and GID map slot. Available slots are form 0 to 65536.
                                                The slot is multiplied by 65535 to get the UID/GID map
                                                for root (default: 0).

        tizian create ~/chroot
Usage:  tizian-chown-tree <SLOT> <PATH>
        tizian-chown-tree [-u|--undo] [SLOT] <PATH>
        tizian-chown-tree [-h|--help]


Salvatore Mesoraca -


This code is released under GPL-3.