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Use Glimmer components in Ember. Today!

Quick Start

Add this package (ember-glimmer-component)

$ yarn add ember-glimmer-component --dev


$ npm install --save-dev ember-glimmer-component

For now, this is only available in the Canary build of Ember.js, so make sure ember-source is pointing to canary in your package.json, and then run yarn or npm install.

Finally, in your config/environment.js file, you need to add the 'glimmer-custom-component-manager' feature flag to your FEATURES.

  // Here you can enable experimental features on an ember canary build
  // e.g. 'with-controller': true
  "glimmer-custom-component-manager": true

Then, when you create a component, replace this line:

import Component from '@ember/component';

with this line:

import { CompatComponent as Component } from 'ember-glimmer-component';

Everything else is mostly the same, with some exceptions (see below).

But Wait, there's more ES6

If you are a little more ambitious, you can write your components using ES6 classes.

import { Component } from 'ember-glimmer-component';

export default class extends Component {
  // Your component code goes in here

What's different

Outer HTML templates

Glimmer components don't have a root element. That means tagName is meaningless, and classNames, classNameBindings, and attributeBindings won't do anything. All of this will move into the template. Let's take a look at how to convert an Ember component using these properties.

Ember Component

import Component from '@ember/component';

export default Component.extend({
  tagName: 'time',
  classNames: 'time-ago',
  classNameBindings: ['isFuture'],
  attributeBindings: ['readableTime:datetime'],

  // clipped for brevity

Glimmer component

import { Component } from 'ember-glimmer-component';

export default class extends Component {
  // clippled for brevity

Glimmer component template

  class="time-ago{{#if isFuture}} is-future{{/if}}"

Computed properties in ES6 classes

Computed properties do not and will not work in ES6 class components. Look forward to @tracked landing in Ember. Until then, if you need computed properites, use the CompatComponent.


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