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name = mrepo
version = $(shell awk '/^Version: / {print $$2}' $(name).spec)
prefix = /usr
sysconfdir = /etc
bindir = $(prefix)/bin
sbindir = $(prefix)/sbin
libdir = $(prefix)/lib
datadir = $(prefix)/share
mandir = $(datadir)/man
localstatedir = /var
httpddir = $(sysconfdir)/httpd/conf.d
initrddir = $(sysconfdir)/rc.d/init.d
cachedir = $(localstatedir)/cache/mrepo
htmldir = $(datadir)/mrepo/html
srcdir = $(localstatedir)/mrepo
wwwdir = $(localstatedir)/www/mrepo
@echo "There is nothing to be build. Try install !"
install -Dp -m0755 gensystemid $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gensystemid
install -Dp -m0755 mrepo $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/mrepo
install -Dp -m0755 rhnget $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/rhnget
install -Dp -m0755 youget $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/youget
[ ! -f $(DESTDIR)$(sysconfdir)/mrepo.conf ] && install -D -m0600 config/mrepo.conf $(DESTDIR)$(sysconfdir)/mrepo.conf || :
install -d -m0755 $(DESTDIR)$(sysconfdir)/mrepo.conf.d/
install -Dp -m0644 config/httpd/mrepo.conf $(DESTDIR)$(httpddir)/mrepo.conf
install -Dp -m0755 config/mrepo $(DESTDIR)$(initrddir)/mrepo
install -d -m0755 $(DESTDIR)$(htmldir)
install -p -m0644 html/* $(DESTDIR)$(htmldir)
install -d -m0755 $(DESTDIR)$(srcdir)/all/
install -d -m0755 $(DESTDIR)$(wwwdir)
install -d -m0755 $(DESTDIR)$(cachedir)
install -d -m0755 $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/mrepo/rhn/
install -d -m0755 $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/mrepo/up2date_client/repoBackends/
cp -av rhn/README rhn/*.py $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/mrepo/rhn/
cp -av up2date_client/README up2date_client/*.py $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/mrepo/up2date_client/
cp -av up2date_client/repoBackends/*.py $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/mrepo/up2date_client/repoBackends/
[ "$(DESTDIR)" -o ! -f "$(DESTDIR)$(sysconfdir)/cron.d/mrepo" ] && install -Dp -m0644 config/mrepo.cron $(DESTDIR)$(sysconfdir)/cron.d/mrepo || :
install -Dp -m0644 config/mrepo.logrotate $(DESTDIR)$(sysconfdir)/logrotate.d/mrepo
@if [ -z "$(DESTDIR)" -a -x "/sbin/chkconfig" ]; then \
/sbin/chkconfig --add mrepo; \
elif [ -z "$(DESTDIR)" -a -x "$(sbindir)/chkconfig" ]; then \
$(sbindir)/chkconfig --add mrepo; \
make -C docs
dist: clean
git ls-tree -r --name-only --full-tree `git branch --no-color 2> /dev/null | sed -e '/^[^*]/d' -e 's/* \(.*\)/\1/'` | pax -d -w -x ustar -s ,^,$(name)-$(version)/, | bzip2 >../$(name)-$(version).tar.bz2
rpm: dist
rpmbuild -tb --clean --rmspec --define "_rpmfilename %%{NAME}-%%{VERSION}-%%{RELEASE}.%%{ARCH}.rpm" --define "_rpmdir ../" ../$(name)-$(version).tar.bz2
srpm: dist
rpmbuild -ts --clean --rmsource --rmspec --define "_rpmfilename %%{NAME}-%%{VERSION}-%%{RELEASE}.%%{ARCH}.rpm" --define "_srcrpmdir ../" ../$(name)-$(version).tar.bz2
rm -f README*.html
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