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mrepo builds a local APT/Yum RPM repository from local ISO files, downloaded
updates, and extra packages from 3rd party repositories. It takes care of
setting up the ISO files, downloading the RPMs, configuring HTTP access
and providing PXE/TFTP resources for remote installations.
It was primarily intended for doing remote network installations of various
distributions from a laptop without the need for CD media or floppies, but
is equally suitable for an organisation's centralized update server.
Doing a remote installation only requires a configured DHCP-server, the
TFTP service and a Webserver configured with mrepo. Then boot your system
using a PXE-enabled network card.
For updating your local systems, configure either Apt, Yum or up2date and
point them to your local mrepo server.
Please send me improvements to this document.