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Simple preprocessing of .tif images for OCR
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OCR Preprocessing can be used to preprocess .tif images for following OCR.


Each action argument is excecuted in the order provided.

What Command Description
Input Destination --input, -i Path to file, or contasining folder for process. If given path is a folder, all containing TIF's will be processed.
Output Destination --out, -o Output Destination
Blur --blur, -b If provided performs median blur on the input.This helps remove unwanted grayscale at the cost of text clarity.
Hard Open --hard-open, -ho If given performs a hard open on the input. This helps remove grayscale but at a high cost on weak and unclear text with much "holes” within.
Open -open, -op If given performs a normal open on the input.
Close --close, -c If given performs a normal close on the input.
Erode --erode, -e If given performs a normal erosion on the input.
Dilate --dilate, -di If given performs a normal dilation on the input.
Debug --debug, -d If given prints debugging information, and shows one large and one small preview of the processed image.
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