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WUSTL WebSTAC to Google Calendar converter
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WebSTAC to Calendar development branch

This branch contains all the code necessary to build the static HTML and CSS for WebSTAC to Calendar.

Installation and running the dev server

  1. Make sure you have the most recent version of Node.js (
  2. On the command line, in the root directory of the repository, run npm install.
  3. You will need a Google Calendar API key and an OAuth 2.0 client ID to make the app work. See to get those.
    • When you create the API key, I recommend you add appropriate restrictions to prevent unauthorized use. The most basic one is to add an HTTP referrer restriction of http://localhost:3000, which is the default run URL of the dev server.
  4. Once you have those keys, create a new file called .env.local in the root of the repository.
  5. Write the following two lines in the file, in the same style as .env.production.
  1. npm start on the command line.
  2. Finally, if the app complains about your keys or environment variables, double-check them, and restart the server (Control-C and npm start again).

Deploying your own version

Of course, you'll need your own webserver for this.

  1. Change the homepage key in package.json to whereever you are hosting.
  2. Change the keys in .env.production to whatever API keys you will be using.
  3. Run npm run build on the command line. This will output static HTML and Javascript that you can host.
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