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SymPy online shell

How to set it up:

Download and unpack the google app engine SDK from

$ unzip


$ cd /tmp
$ git clone git://
$ git clone git://
$ cd sympy-live
$ cp -a ../sympy/sympy .
$ /path/to/google_appengine/ .

And go to http://localhost:8080

How to upload to google app engine:

$ /path/to/ update .

Original info
An interactive, stateful AJAX shell that runs Python code on the server.

Part of

May be run as a standalone app or in an existing app as an admin-only handler.
Can be used for system administration tasks, as an interactive way to try out
APIs, or as a debugging aid during development.

The logging, os, sys, db, and users modules are imported automatically.

Interpreter state is stored in the datastore so that variables, function
definitions, and other values in the global and local namespaces can be used
across commands.

To use the shell in your app, copy, static/*, and templates/* into
your app's source directory. Then, copy the URL handlers from app.yaml into
your app.yaml.