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#Tell me a story...

The somewhat intelligent interactive storytelling bot

LD 35 Jam entry by David Cannon II, Joel Babbitt, and Simon Mikulcik

##How to play!

  • Enter a sentence or two to start the story
  • The bot will write another line based on what you say
  • Then, you write another line
  • You have control to tell the bot which path the story takes
  • Use your words to shapeshift the progress of the story
  • Hint: Be extra descriptive to make a more interesting story
  • But! if you don't tell us enough information, we will use RANDOM words!

##How it works

  • We take the words you type in and find a bunch of words similar to them
  • Then we put the similar words together to create fun sentences

##Notable Technology Used

  • Node for framework
  • Natural for language processing for node
  • wordpos part-of-speech utilities

2016, Chicken Finger Coding

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