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using Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting;
using S22.Imap.Auth.Sasl;
using S22.Imap.Auth.Sasl.Mechanisms;
using System.Text;
namespace S22.Imap.Test {
/// <summary>
/// Contains unit tests for the SASL PLAIN authentication mechanism.
/// </summary>
public class PlainTest {
/// <summary>
/// Verifies the various parts of a sample authentication exchange
/// directly taken from RFC 4616 ("4. Examples", p. 5).
/// </summary>
[TestCategory("Plain authentication")]
public void VerfiyAuthenticationExchange() {
SaslMechanism m = new SaslPlain("tim", "tanstaaftanstaaf");
string expectedResponse = "\0tim\0tanstaaftanstaaf";
string initialResponse = Encoding.ASCII.GetString(
m.GetResponse(new byte[0]));
Assert.AreEqual<string>(expectedResponse, initialResponse);
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