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Sample project demonstrating iOS 7 compatible auto sizing table view cells using Auto Layout.
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Note: This sample project requires Xcode 5 and iOS 7 or later. For a sample project demonstrating the self-sizing cell functionality added and available in iOS 8 only, click here.

Sample project demonstrating manual implementation of auto sizing cells using Auto Layout in UITableViewCell to achieve dynamic layouts with variable row heights. This project is a universal app that will run on iPhone and iPad. This implementation is compatible with both iOS 7 and iOS 8.

To build & run the app, you should open the TableViewCellWithAutoLayout.xcworkspace in Xcode.

This sample project displays a table view with cells that each contain a single-line title label and a multi-line body label (each cell's body label displays a random number of lorem ipsum words).

This project utilizes the open source PureLayout library to easily set up constraints in code.

See the original post on Stack Overflow for more info:

If you have questions or run into issues, please open a new Issue on this GitHub project.

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