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Oracle DB Adapter for Silverstripe
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Oracle Database Adapter

Maintainer Contact

  • Andreas Piening


  • SilverStripe 2.4 or newer
  • Oracle Database 10g Express Edition or newer


  1. follow the usual module installation process
  2. add this code to your mysite/_config.php:

$databaseConfig = array( "type" => "OracleDatabase", "server" => "hostname/servicename", "username" => "username", "password" => "password", "database" => "SS_mysite", );



Open Issues

  • no db data type fits large amounts of text, clob can't be used since it is in a group by clause, which is suboptimal
  • identifier are limited to 30 characters, using _IDENTIFIER_MAPPING table to translate to abbreviated identifiers
  • adapter doesn't support transactions yet
  • search doesn't work yet
  • unit tests require a unit test user, since there is only one test schema, running multiple tests at once breaks
  • datetime helper functions not yet implemented

Failing Tests

  • CheckboxSetFieldTest
  • ComplexTableFieldTest
  • DataObjectDecoratorTest
  • DbDatetimeTest
  • FilesystemPublisherTest
  • HierarchyTest
  • LeftAndMainTest
  • RemoveOrphanedPagesTaskTest
  • RestfulServerTest
  • SearchContextTest
  • SearchFilterApplyRelationTest
  • SearchFormTest
  • SQLQueryTest
  • TableListFieldTest
  • TranslatableSearchFormTest
  • VersionedTest
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