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SQLite3 Module

Maintainer Contact

Andreas Piening (Nickname: apiening) <andreas (at) silverstripe (dot) com>


SilverStripe 2.4 or newer


download, unzip and copy the sqlite3 folder to your project root so that it becomes a sibling of cms, sapphire and co.

either use the installer to automatically install SQLite or add this to your _config.php (right after "require_once("conf/ConfigureFromEnv.php");" if you are using _ss_environment.php)

$databaseConfig['type'] = 'SQLiteDatabase';

you are done!

make sure the webserver has sufficient privileges to write to that folder and that it is protected from external access.

Sample mysite/_config.php


global $project;
$project = 'mysite';

global $database;
$database = 'SS_mysite';


global $databaseConfig;

$databaseConfig = array(
	"type" => 'SQLiteDatabase',
	"server" => 'none',
	"username" => 'none',
	"password" => 'none',
	"database" => $database,
	"path" => "/path/to/my/database/file",


Again: make sure that the webserver has permission to read and write to the above path (/path/to/my/database/, 'file' would be the name of the sqlite db file)

URL parameter

If you're trying to change a field constrain to NOT NULL on a field that contains NULLs dev/build fails because it might corrupt existing records. In order to perform the action anyway add the URL parameter 'avoidConflict' when running dev/build which temporarily adds a conflict clause to the field spec. E.g.:

Open Issues

  • SQLite3 is supposed to work with all may not work with certain modules as they are using custom SQL statements passed to the DB class directly ;(
  • there is no real fulltext search yet and the build-in search engine is not ordering by relevance, check out fts3