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Windows Quickstart

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These instructions are out of date as of July 2019 version of Sming. Minor amendments need to be made to comply with

Install Chocolatey

This is a package manager, like apt-get but for Windows. Official website:

Open an administrative cmd.exe command prompt and paste the text from the box below and press enter:

# Install Latest Chocolatey
@powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted -Command "iex ((new-object net.webclient).DownloadString(''))" && SET PATH=%PATH%;%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\chocolatey\bin

Upgrade .NET

Choco requires recent version of .NET in order to be able to access successfully HTTPS links. To check if you need upgrade type the following command:

choco --v

If you see a warning similar to the one below then make sure to upgrade your .NET version.

Choco prefers to use TLS v1.2 if it is available, but this client is
 running on .NET 4.3, which uses an older SSL. It's using TLS 1.0 or
 earlier, which makes it susceptible to BEAST and also doesn't
 implement the 1/n-1 record splitting mitigation for Cipher-Block
 Chaining. Upgrade to at least .NET 4.5 at your earliest convenience.

You can upgrade the .NET version from this direct link or search in internet for ".NET upgrade".

Add package repository

choco sources add -name smingrepo -source ''

Install Sming

# Powershell - run as Administrator
choco install -y sming

It will install automatically

  • Unofficial Espressif Development Kit for Windows (source)
  • Mingw & required packages (source)
  • Python
  • Latest stable version of Sming (source)

If for some reason don't want UDK, mingw and Environment configured just run:

choco install sming.core -y -source ''

Configure git for Windows environment

Configure your git client to leave line-endings intact or else patching will fail:

git config --global core.autocrlf input

Install Sming Examples (optional)

This will install

  • Java Runtime 8
  • Eclipse C/C++ (source)
  • sming package

and will create desktop shortcut Sming Examples._

# Run as Administrator
choco install sming.examples -y


You might want to configure your project before building. Edit to the proper values

Confirm Environment

Make sure the MinGW make.exe is the only one in the path. This will correct most "make: *** No rule to make target" problems.

# should only show one make
where make.exe

Fix the SDK 1.50 Problems

If you're seeing errors like "undefined reference to aes_wrap", here's the fix.

  1. Open C:\Espressif
  2. Rename ESP8266_SDK to ESP8266_SDK_150
  3. Rename ESP8266_SDK_130 to ESP8266_SDK

Build Sming Library

  1. Open Eclipse
  2. Find SmingFramework project
  3. Build


cd c:\tools\sming\Sming
make all

Build Basic_Blink

  1. Open Eclipse via "Sming Examples" Desktop link
  2. Find Basic_Blink project
  3. Build

Update Sming

Sming is very dynamic and updates are usually announced in gitter. The command below will get for you the latest stable release.

choco upgrade sming -y

Force Reinstall Sming

In case something is broken, this will overwrite current sming installation.

choco install sming -y -force -source ''

If you don't use Chocolatey

We highly recommend using our Chocolatey package as it simplifies everything, but if you don't, make sure you configure your environment properly. Check out Manual installation

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