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ASCII-art language for creating UI mock-ups.

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By Sam Minnée

Mockdown is an ASCII-art HTML UI mockup language, inspired by Markdown.

It's licensed under the BSD license.


Mockdown supports the following field types. Each of the fields can be placed anywhere in your document. Mockdown assumes that you have aligned fields in your document with a fixed-width font, a la ASCII-art.


[ ] A
[x] B
[ ] C

Radio buttons

( ) A
(o) B
( ) C

Text boxes

Enter your date of birth in three annoying boxes [__]/[__]/[____]

This is a longer text box with a default [Value_________]


Do not write in this space:



[ Save changes ]

Development / Testing

To run Mockdown's test suite, just use the phpunit command-line tool:

> phpunit

You will need to install phpunit from Phing.

Travis-CI is used for continuous integration; current status is:

Build Status

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