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=== 0.1.5 / 2010-04-09
* MINOR: Update [Luke Hudson]
* MINOR: More commenting for Salad [Luke Hudson]
* MINOR: Add relative path to Salad require [Luke Hudson]
* BUGFIX: Fix XPath button location for Safari [Luke Hudson]
* BUGFIX: Fix getButton, so it doesn't try :index for string params [Luke Hudson]
* BUGFIX: Reinstate closing of browsers [Luke Hudson]
* MINOR: Remove debug lines and re-indent [Luke Hudson]
* FEATURE: Enable cross-browser window handling for all browsers. [Luke Hudson]
* BUGFIX: Cross-browser expectations fix [Luke Hudson]
* ENHANCEMENT: Check basic "I see" assumptions [Luke Hudson]
* BUGFIX: Fix wording for S.S. 404 page, and fix whitespace [Luke Hudson]
* MINOR: Usage help for binaries [Luke Hudson]
* ENHANCEMENT: Add testing for popups.rb [Luke Hudson]
* BUGFIX: Ignore errors with IE if it doesn't exist [Luke Hudson]
* BUGFIX: Use Array.index instead of Array.find_index, suits windows Ruby better [Luke Hudson]
* BUGFIX: Fix select-lists on safari [Luke Hudson]
* APICHANGE: Use isChecked? instead of isChecked [Luke Hudson]
* ENHANCEMENT: Handle multi-windows on Safari,IE,and Firefox [Luke Hudson]
* BUGFIX/ENHANCEMENT: Handle multiple windows in IE [Luke Hudson]
* ENHANCEMENT: 'I am at' handles absolute URLs [Luke Hudson]
* BUGFIX: Grab button by name attribute too [Luke Hudson]
* FEATURE: Initial tests for new windows added [Luke Hudson]
* MINOR: Use Salad.evaluate_script [Luke Hudson]
* FEATURE: add /the website URL is/ to match abs. URL [Luke Hudson]
* MINOR: Change evualuate_script function, and add comments [Luke Hudson]
* ENHANCEMENT: Fix URL-handling with Salad::url and add test for pages.rb [Luke Hudson]
* BUGFIX: Improve window.location handling, with Salad::url [Luke Hudson]
* MINOR: Added Manifest.txt for Rakefile [Luke Hudson]
* MINOR: Require salad (may need installing via rake/gem, see [Luke Hudson]
* MINOR: bugfix: error message [Luke Hudson]
* MINOR: Remove un-needed label.rb [Luke Hudson]
* BUGFIX: Fix handling of AJAX [Luke Hudson]
* ENHANCEMENT: Add ajax testing [Luke Hudson]
* BUGFIX: Fix "I see ..." [Luke Hudson]
* ENHANCEMENT: Add Checkbox "is checked" handling [Luke Hudson]
* ENHANCEMENT: Add helper routines to Salad [Luke Hudson]
* Added tests for ajax etc. [Luke Hudson]
* MINOR: Update readme with new OSX binary [Luke Hudson]
* BUGFIX: Check for correct ARGV.length [Luke Hudson]
* FEATURE: getSelect can work by label, and: FEATURE: test for "x" is selected in field "y" works, and: [Luke Hudson]
* Renamed 'browsercuke' to 'salad'.
* Added initial self-tests for browsercuke. Needs to have browsercuke available a webroot to execute them.
* BUGFIX: Close the IE window after testing completed.
* BUGFIX: Amended text field selection to work in IE.
* BUGFIX: Change select_list match ordering to work in IE. Restriction to visible fields only still pending.
* BUGFIX: Updated JS execution to work in IE
* ENHANCEMENT: Let users optionally pass a base URL to sapphirecuke
* Changed the way that ie and firefox are selected on Windows, so that Win/Firefox can be tested.
* Only apply safariwatir-mods.rb if you're actually using Safari (so that it doesn't break Windows)
* Added instruction for windows to install win32console.
* Added rspec as a dependency.
* Replaced .count with the proper array length attribute, .length.
=== 0.1.4 / 2010-01-08
* Removed OSX-specific dependencies, instead requiring the user to install these manually.
* Updated installation instructions, particularly those for Windows.
=== 0.1.3 / 2010-01-07
* Changing copyright notice
* Fixed sapphirecuke's browser argument, and removed the use of environment variables.
* Include a sample test, google-search.feature, and insturctions in the readme.
=== 0.1.2 / 2010-01-07
* Reformatted license
* Added instructions for creating new releases to the
* Removed the broken and unnecessary browsercuke-setup CLI tool
* Fixed browsercuke & sapphirecuke CLI tools to be written in ruby (necessary for them to work).
* Moved version number to a better location. The existence of the lib/ directory makes Hoe run better.
=== 0.1.1 / 2010-01-07
* BUGFIX: Fixed problems with gem dependencies
=== 0.1.0 / 2010-01-07
* Initial release as a rubygem
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