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ZeroMQ bindings for Twisted
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Twisted bindings for 0MQ


txZMQ allows to integrate easily ØMQ sockets into Twisted event loop (reactor).

txZMQ supports both CPython and PyPy and ØMQ library version 2.2.x or 3.2.x. Preliminary support for Python 3.x is available.

Documentation is available at ReadTheDocs and CI is done by Travis CI.


C library required:

  • ØMQ library 2.2.x or 3.2.x

Python packages required:

  • pyzmq >= 13 (for CPython & PyPy)
  • Twisted


txZMQ introduces support for general 0MQ sockets by class ZmqConnection that can do basic event loop integration, sending-receiving messages in non-blocking manner, scatter-gather for multipart messages.

txZMQ uses ØMQ APIs to get file descriptor that is used to signal pending actions from ØMQ library IO thread running in separate thread. This is used in a custom file descriptor reader, which is then added to the Twisted reactor.

Upgrading from 0.3.x

If you're upgrading from version 0.3.1 and earlier, please apply following changes to your code:

  • root package name was changed from txZMQ to txzmq, adjust your imports accordingly;
  • ZmqEndpointType.Connect has been renamed to ZmqEndpointType.connect;
  • ZmqEndpointType.Bind has been renamed to ZmqEndpointType.bind;
  • ZmqConnection.__init__ has been changed to accept keyword arguments instead of list of endpoints; if you were using one endpoint, no changes are required; if using multiple endpoints, please look for add_endpoints method.


Source code for txZMQ is available at github; forks and pull requests are welcome.

To start hacking, fork at github and clone to your working directory. To use the Makefile (for running unit tests, checking for PEP8 compliance and running pyflakes), you will want to have virtualenv installed (it includes a pip installation).

Create a branch, add some unit tests, write your code, check it and test it! Some useful make targets are:

  • make env
  • make check
  • make test

If you don't have an environment set up, a new one will be created for you in ./env. Additionally, txZMQ will be installed as well as required development libs.

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