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Plugin for Atlassian's Bamboo supporting Git SCM.
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__How to build the Bamboo Git Plugin__

Impatient way:
1. `mvn package' (Apache Maven 2.2.1 was used to develop this plugin)

More patient way:
1. Download and install the latest JDK:
2. Download and install the Atlassian Plugin SDK:
3. Run `atlas-package -DskipTests' in the directory containing Bamboo Git Plugin pom.xml.
4. Grab plugin JAR file from `./target/atlassian-bamboo-plugin-git-<version>.jar'

Full documentation on how to develop Atlassian Plugin is available at:

__How to deploy Git Plugin into existing Bamboo instance__

Full documentation on how installing Atlassian Plugins is available at:
  (please note that Bamboo Git Plugin is 'Version 1' plugin)
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