A Twitter gibberish bot written in PHP. Currently tweeting live at https://twitter.com/sort_of_face
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A Twitter Gibberish Bot

by Scott Smitelli

Installation and Requirements

sort_of_face is developed and tested on PHP 5.3 machines. I am almost positive it will not run on 5.2 or lower. I never tested it on anything higher, either. The curl extension is required for the Twitter OAuth stuff, and the mbstring extension is required because of some JavaScript scraping shenanigans.

###To install:

  1. Dump all the files somewhere. It really doesn't matter where.

  2. cp config.ini-sample config.ini

  3. Edit config.ini to suit your fancy. You'll have to put your own Twitter OAuth keys in there, unless you don't want any tweeting to take place.

  4. ./sort_of_face.sh

That's it. The shell script is designed to never output anything, so you can add it in a cron job without worrying about spamming root's inbox with junk. A file called debug.log will be created (and appended) by the shell script, which can tell you more than you ever cared to know about how the gibberish is built.


This package includes Abraham Williams' twitteroauth library. https://github.com/abraham/twitteroauth

Doesn't This Violate YouTube's Terms Of Service?

It most certainly does.