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Tutti - Interactively run Javascript on multiple browsers

Tutti is a web-based interactive Javascript console that allows you to simultaneously execute commands on multiple browsers. This is useful for debugging and discovering browser differences.

The live site

To get started, create a room and bookmark the URL associated with that room. Copy-and-paste the room URL to other browsers to connect them to the same room. Javascript that you execute in the console will be executed on all browsers within this room and the results displayed.

The Tutti Terminal

There's also a terminal version of Tutti which you can install with

npm install tutti

and run with

tutti <tutti room url>

The Tutti Driver

npm install tutti also installs a node library that let's you programmatically script the browsers that are connected to a particular room. See the Tutti lib for more.

To run locally

npm install tuttiserver


  1. Point your browser to http://localhost:8080.
  2. Point more browsers to the same location.
  3. Type commands into any of the browsers you have open and see them executed on all of them.


Tutti depends on the follow software:

  1. node.js
  2. socket.IO
  3. Express
  4. jQuery
  5. jquery.console.js