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h1. FirePHP Prototype
Extensions to the FirePHP Firebug Extension for use with server-side JavaScript and the Prototype JavaScript Framework
These files allow you to use the "FirePHP": "Firebug": Extension with the "Jaxer": or ASP(Active Server Pages) environments. They require the "Prototype JavaScript Framework":
The fb function and console namespace have two separate implementations: one for Jaxer and one for ASP. This is because of the subtle differences between the platforms.
All code here is a proof of concept and should not be depended on for production purposes. No testing has been done, but it appears to work.
h2. Files
* README: This document
* demo: Demos of the extensions. These pages will show a blank page, but will display information in the Firebug console panels if FirePHP is installed
** demo.jaxer.html: Demonstration of Jaxer version
** demo.asp: Demonstration of ASP version
* doc: Documentation for individual implementations
** README.ASP.textile: Documentation for ASP version
** README.Jaxer.textile: Documentation for Jaxer version
* lib: Script files
** console.js: Jaxer implemenation of a subset of the Firebug console API
** console.js.asp: ASP imlementation
** fb.js: Jaxer implementation of the fb() function
** fb.js.asp: ASP implementation
** prototype.js.asp: Version of Prototype.js that works on ASP/JScript (from
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