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This is a port of the unit test library included with Prototype that can run on some server-side JavaScript platforms. (The unit test library has since been forked into JsUnitTest, which does not depend on Prototype; this library does.)

Instead of directly updating the DOM like the original library, this is used by assigning your new Test.Unit.Runner(...) instance to a variable, then calling the toHTML() method on it to write it to the output (with Response.write() on ASP or document.write() on Jaxer, for instance.)

Tests that test the test library are included for Jaxer, ASP, and client-side (browser) in the test/unit directory.

The copy of prototype.js in the test/assets directory is Prototype ASP, which is required for use on ASP, but any copy of Prototype 1.6 should work for other platforms.