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This is a user script/style installation for Flowdock.

Flowdock is a great tool that we use at Cramer Dev to help communicate with each other as well as be able to keep an eye on important feeds, code commits, emails, and more. It runs on the desktop inside of a Fluid instance. I’m very comfortable using Skype (since I work with a distributed team), and and thought it would be perfect if I could integrate a Flowdock-like workflow (sorry for all the “flow” lingo) into it. Since that wasn’t ever going to happen, I decided to tweak Flowdock to look and function (somewhat) more like Skype.


  1. Download the minified or non-minified JavaScript
  2. In Flowdock, click the scripts menu, and select “New Userscript” (It will not work if you try to place it in the userscripts folder manually)
  3. Paste the JS from the file you downloaded into the Userscript, and save it
  4. Quit and restart Flowdock
  5. In the scripts menu select the new Userscript you created
  6. Quit and restart Flowdock again
  7. Your flow should then load with that userscript… if it doesn’t try doing a manual refresh of the page.


Please create an issue if you find any bugs or have any feature enhancements. Or better yet – fork this and send a pull request so that I don’t have to do all the work myself!


GPL license:

MIT license: