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<%# This will replace the <title> element in your page. By default, it uses the title key in your guides.yml %>
<%= content_for :page_title do %><%= Guides.meta["title"] %><% end %>
<%# This content will go in the top navigation area. Leave it blank if you don't want nav %>
<%= content_for :top_nav do %>
<% end %>
<%# This content will be used when you mark your guides as belonging to an edge release of your project. It defaults
to showing a diagonal "edge" badge %>
<%= content_for :edge do %>
<img src="images/edge_badge.png" alt="edge-badge" id="edge-badge" />
<% end %>
<%= content_for :license do %>
<p>This work is licensed under a
<%= link_to "Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0", "" %>
<%# Any additional trademark information should be entered here %>
<% end %>