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adjusted style, punctuaction a examples throughout view.textile

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1 parent ea1a0a3 commit 99e22e29e8d360376e15052d0ed125b122f3d668 warp3d committed May 16, 2011
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@@ -148,11 +148,11 @@ App.contactsController = SC.ArrayController.create({
Because we are only going to be working with one object at a time, +allowsMultipleSelection: NO+ will restrict the ability to select only one item.
-And then an SC.ObjectController that proxies our selected object:
+And then an <code>SC.ObjectController</code> that proxies our selected object:
-<javascript filename="apps/my_app/controllers/contact.js">
-MyApp.contactController = SC.ObjectController.create({
- contentBinding: 'MyApp.contactsController.selection'
+<javascript filename="apps/app/controllers/contact.js">
+App.contactController = SC.ObjectController.create({
+ contentBinding: 'App.contactsController.selection'

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