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+SproutCore Guides
-Documentation for the SproutCore framework. For more information on SproutCore,
-see the [homepage]( or the [GitHub repository](
-These guides are based on the [Rails Guides](
+This is the official documentation for the [SproutCore]( framework.
-## Getting Started
-In order to start generating documentation, complete the following steps:
-- install the [SproutGuides package](
-- clone SproutGuides from git://
-Once you've completed these steps, you're ready to start working with
-SproutGuides. You'll do your work inside the source/ directory. To see
-your changes as you work, run `guides preview`. By default, preview will
-show guides and content that is still under construction. Under
-construction content is not displayed on, if you
-would like to see what content will be deployed run
-`guides preview --production`.
+For more information on SproutCore Guides, see the [homepage](
If you have any questions, the team can be reached at [@sproutcore](!/sproutcore)
-or [#sproutcore](irc://
+or [#sproutcore](irc://

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