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Critical is my take on network/infrastructure monitoring. Here are the big ideas:

  • Infrastructure as code: The monitoring system should be an internal DSL so it can natively interact with any part of your infrastructure you can find or write a library for. You should also be able to productively alter its guts if you need to. This is a monitoring system for ops people who write code and coders who do ops.
  • Client-based: This scales better, and is actually easier to configure if you use configuration management, which you should be doing anyway.
  • Continuous verification: Critical has a single shot mode in addition to the typical daemonized operation. This allows you to verify the configuration on a host after making changes and then continuously monitor the state of the system using the same verification tests.
  • Declarative: Declare what the state of your system is supposed to be.
  • Alerting and Trending together: a client/agent can do both of these at the same time with less configuration overhead. It makes sense to keep them separate on the server side.
  • Licensing: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law," except for patent trolls, etc. So, Apache 2.0 it is.