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Tobi Oetiker is working on a new Monitoring Aggregator

http://oss.oetiker.ch/extopus/ `

according to the home page :

"Extopus is an aggregating frontend to monitoring systems. Its plug-in architecture provides an easy route to integrating output from a wide array of monitoring systems into a single instance of Extopus.

Integration can range from simple iframe-ing a particular page from another monitoring system to accessing data from another system using rpc calls and displaying the results in a custom presentation plugin inside the Extopus frontend.

The Extopus backend is written in Perl (using Mojolicious) and the frontend is written in javascript (with Qooxdoo). This architecture provides a high level of implementation flexibility and allowed us to create a highly interactive end user experience.

Whether you have a small setup with a few hundred or a large one with millions of items, Extopus will provide a user friendly interface to accessing your monitoring data."