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Molog :


Build a scalable monitor and search solution for application and system logs with Nagios.

Molog is processing layer for a scalable logging infrastructure which consumes LogStash processed logs from RabbitMQ and sends updates to Nagios and ElasticSearch.

  • A stand alone daemon with configurable parallel workers.
  • Workers consume LogStash processed messages from RabbitMQ and perform ignore regex matching on them.
  • Regex rules can be applied to all LogStash generated fields.
  • Sends Nagios passive check results back to RabbitMQ.
  • Nagios check results can be consumed from RabbitMQ into Nagios using Krolyk.
  • Forwards and stores all messages to ElasticSearch.
  • Only stores references to ElasticSearch records in a MongoDB instance.
  • Provides REST API for querying and manipulating references and regexes.
  • Includes molog_cli an interactive REST client to manipulate records, matches and regexes.

MoLog is written in Python.