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Rust implementation of the wayland protocol (client and server).


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Wayland rust crates

This project contains rust crates for using the wayland protocol, both client side and server side.

This repository actually hosts 8 crates. The 3 main crates you'll likely want to use:

  • wayland-client and wayland-server are the main crates for client and server side bindings
  • wayland-protocols regroups bindings on the official protocol extentions available

There are also two auxilliary crates:

  • wayland-egl, which is necessary client-side for OpenGL integration
  • wayland-cursor, which helps with loading cursor images from the system themes for use in your apps

And finally 3 internal crates, that you'll need only for integrating a custom protocol extension or doing FFI:

  • wayland-scanner is the crate used to convert the XML protocol specifications into rust code
  • wayland-backend contains the actual implementation of the protocol logic. It actually provides two backends: a rust implementation of the protocol, and a backend using the system wayland libraries (for FFI contexts).
  • wayland-sys is the bindings to the C wayland libraries, used by wayland-backend


The documentation for the master branch is available online.

The documentation for the releases can be found on wayland-client wayland-server wayland-protocols wayland-egl wayland-cursor wayland-backend wayland-scanner wayland-sys


Requires at least rust 1.65.0 to be used, and version 1.15 of the wayland system libraries if using the system backend.

Chat and support

You can come chat about the different wayland-rs crates, both for developpement and support, in the Matrix chatroom