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This is a place to track the ever-growing list of Reader replacement apps that have been popping up in the months prior to July 1. If your preferred reader is missing, please consider contributing!

Name Price Web Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone iPad
Amber RSS Reader $1.29 x
Android Rivers Free x
AOL Reader Free x x x
Backstitch Free x
BazQux Reader Free x
Bloglovin' Free x
Bulletin for Feedbin $0.99 x
CommaFeed Free x
Digg Reader Free x
Feedbin $2/mo x x
Feedly Free x x x x
Feedspot Free x
Fever $30 x
Flipboard Free x x x
FlowReader Free x
g2reader Free x x
go read Free x
Grr Free x
Gwene (nntp) Free x
InoReader Free x
IFTTT Free x
Liferea Free x
NetNewsWire Free x
Newsbeuter Free x
NewsBlur Free x x x x
Newsify Free x
NextGen Reader Free x
Nuesbyte Free x
The Old Reader Free x
Press $2.99/Android x
Protopage Free x
Readable.cc Free x
Readlines for Feedbin $0.99 x x x
Reeder Free/Mac, $2.99/iPhone, Free/iPad x x x
Rivulet Free x
rss2email Free x x
RSSOwl Free x x x
Selfoss Free x
Sismics Free x
SkimFeed Free x
Slowfeeds $2.99 x x x
Sniptracker Free x
Sputnik Free x x x
tt-rss Free x x
Yoleo Reader Free ($9/yr donation) x