A bash script to perform an upgrade of ExpressionEngine.
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EEUpgrade : a bash script to upgrade ExpressionEngine

Warning: Use at your own risk. I hammered this out in 30 minutes out of irritation.

To do:

  • Needs error checking -> Good enough
  • Needs exit on failures -> Good enough
  • Needs better instructions -> Good enough
  • Needs to not be so flippant

Warning: If you use this and you don't understand what it's doing and you break everything in the world, I'm not here to help you. At all. It's on you. Don't use this if you don't understand what is going on.

Warning: This is the most basic of all shell scripts. I mean, it's like...rudimentary. So, you know. Don't judge. I just hate typing chmod a thousand times, and I hate copying things a thousand times, so this does that stuff.

Yes, I know there is a $25.00 plugin to do this. Everything with ExpressionEngine is a $25.00-$200.00 plug-in. I ain't made of money.


Upload your new, unzipped version of ExpressionEngine onto the server where your site lives - but don't put it inside your current EE installation folders...

Put this script (eeupgrade.sh) somewhere you can access it outside the EE directories, but on that same server.

Start the script as root:

sudo ./eeupgrade.sh

Answer the questions. Watch the magic. Much good. Much happy.